Great blog from The Mambo about the Tories and the way they use the word “hatred” to describe criticism of their ideas, which, let’s face it, have more holes in them than a moth-eaten sweater. Hannan is one of the biggest offenders as this blog demonstrates. If Hannan and his ilk aren’t describing the left as “hate-filled”, then they’re claiming that the BNP is a “left-wing” party and Nazis were really socialists at heart. This latter view has its roots in Hayek’s Road to Serfdom, which makes a lazy connection between Strasserism (a form of Distributism) and socialism. Only a political dilettante would make such a ‘schoolboy error’.  It is a slur; a nasty slur from a nasty politician who’s in a nasty party.  I have even seen LOLibertarians try and claim the Diggers were in fact anarcho-capitalists. This, dear readers, is what passes for thoughtful analysis on the right.


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