The “Neo-Gaitskellites”

Timely blog from The Mambo. The Blair brand is toxic, so Progress decides the best thing is to appropriate the memory of one of Labour’s worst leaders, Hugh Gaitskell. They claim that Gaitskell’s influence – in death – resonates into the 21st century. It’s delusional stuff to be sure. Gaitskell never won a general election, his brand of tepid social democracy didn’t sit too well with the voters. Gaitskell blamed Labour’s 1959 general election defeat in the left of the party and attempted to remove Clause IV of Labour’s constitution. Progress’ precursor was the Campaign for Democratic Socialism, many of whose members ended up in the SDP.


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  1. money isn't real

    Post I left on Mambo;

    Quote from the first article “Gaitskell would only serve a year as chancellor before Labour slipped back into opposition. Yet his term, and his later fiscal policy decisions as leader (a post to which he rose in 1955), hold lessons crucial to the future of social democracy. He showed the need to make tough tax-and-spend decisions when in government to ensure the credibility of centre-left policies in times of budget constraint.”

    This ideas behind this paragraph couldn’t be more wrong if it tried.

    If these neo-liberals are unable to notice that we are no longer on a Gold Standard, and are not ‘budget constrained’ at all today, then why should people listen to their economic ideas?

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