The continuing ineptitude of Virgin Media

Could there be a worse company than Virgin Media? Sorry, that was a silly question. Of course there are worse companies and some are on a par with Virgin. Citylink is pretty bad and so is First Great Western. In fact, all of the Train Operating Companies are poor because they take large sums of taxpayers’ money in subsidies and have the brass neck to increase their fares year on year. Where I come from, this is called robbery.

Virgin Media has to be one of the most ineptly run, poorly managed companies I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. Yesterday, I discovered that my landline wasn’t working. Knowing Vermin Media, as I do, I figured the only way to get in touch with them would be to call their expensive 0844 number from my mobile phone.  However, rather than do this, I decided to try and contact them by email or via their live chat.  But could I send them an email? No. Could I chat to them? Not really. The person to whom I was chatting, casually informed me that he “had nothing to do with customer service” and that he was “in sales”. Well, thanks a bunch for that.

Today, I thought I’d try and get around phoning the 0844 number by going to the “SayNoTo0870” website. I got an alternative number, 0333 000 3101 but when I got through I could not enter my details (you know, first, second and third letter of your password) nor could I get past their security. I found an email address on another forum and sent them a message. The reply that I got didn’t come from a human, it was computer-generated. It contained all the correct details but it didn’t fool me. It was pat and it was formulaic. Not a great job but that’s Virgin Media for you.

Virgin Media wants our money but isn’t prepared to deal with human beings in return. Instead, it has automated practically everything. You cannot pay your bill by phoning and speaking to someone in customer services. Instead you’re forced to use their automated service. You’re referred to the website which gets you nowhere because you are caught in one of their classic “click on this link to get to another link which will lead you right back to where you started” loop.

I’ve decided that I will be leaving Vermin Media at the earliest opportunity.  So if anyone knows of any better deals then please get in touch. I’m looking for Internet and telephone. I’ve decided to invest in a digi-box for television, which means that I’ll get the free channels that Virgin charges for.

Virgin Media. Just say no.


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