Good blog from UK Gazetteer. Chris Grayling unable to believe that people can be too ill to work has decided to find a way to force them into work regardless. Grayling claimed over £100,000 in expenses and he has the bald-faced cheek to accuse disabled people of scrounging?

UK Gazetteer

Tory minister who grabbed £100,000 expenses now attacks ‘scroungers’

Chris Grayling, the Tory work and pensions minister, launched fresh attacks on benefit claimants this week, despite his smear that they are fakers being proved wrong.

Grayling says the Tories’ Work Programme has failed to force enough people with long term health problems into work­—because they are “sicker than expected”. This gives the lie to the Tories’ claim that people are feigning illness to avoid work.

But now Grayling, an MP who grabbed thousands in expenses, plans to change the rules. He wants to redesign the scheme so people originally deemed too ill to join it would be forced to do so.

This would hit tens of thousands of disability benefit claimants. Grayling is also set to force unemployed people to work for free for six months—or risk losing their benefits.

He claims this will “help” them. In reality it will…

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