Cultural Marxism? The Anatomy Of A Conspiracy Theory

I was considering writing a blog debunking so-called “cultural Marxism” but this article does it so much better. In essence, this newly coined concept is the product of the paranoid thinking of William S. Lind. Cultural Marxism does not exist and, while it may provide a grain of comfort to right-wing conspiracy theorists, it is completely meaningless. The US right desperately wanted to find a way to smear its opponents in the same way that the epithet “communist” was used in the 1950s and 60s to silence critics and smear opponents.

The plain truth is the most, if not all, right-wingers have no real understanding of the work of the Frankfurt School, whom they paint as the ‘destroyers’ of Judaeo-Christian ‘civilization’. Absurd.

The Red Phoenix

What is “Cultural Marxism?”

Anyone who has spent considerable time participating in political discussions is bound to run across the term “Cultural Marxism” at one time or another. It is a term typically used by the most extreme elements on the right, such as neo-Nazis and their fellow travelers, but in recent years it has become more prominent within mainstream conservative circles. Up to recently, the term has been little more than an ill-defined right-wing buzzwordin the same league as “feminazi,” “gay agenda,” “politically correct” or “community organizer.”

That all changed on 22 July, 2011. On that tragic date in Norway, a neo-fascist terrorist, Anders Breivik, launched a killing spree that took the lives of over 70 people. Breivik has a well-established history in Europe’s far right-wing, and the term “cultural Marxism” was featured prominently in his political writings.

Now more than ever, it is essential that people understand the…

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