Interesting post here from The Mambo. Mehdi Hasan, who has appeared on this blog a few times, is leaving The New Statesman to take up a job with the Huffington post as its political editor. Hasan has penned an article for The Guardian that has, predictably attracted some criticism – particularly for his use of the word “Islamophobia”. Like the “R” word, right-wingers get touchy whenever it’s used to identify or criticize racist abuse. Hasan and other Muslim commentators are being subjected to the kind of on-line vitriol that was once solely reserved for Jews and Blacks (the Romani are still being subjected to anti-ziganism). Where I come from this is not only a form of racism, it’s an ad hominem. The people who sling insults about aren’t capable of discussion or reasoned debate. You only have to read some of the comments left on Telegraph blogs to see that.


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