Greenhalgh Watch (Part 1)

The former (Dear) Leader of Hammersmith and Fulham council, Stephen Greenhalgh, has been in the news again but not in the way that he’d like. As you know, the ex-Dear Leader was chosen by London’s self-styled emperor to become his deputy for policing – even though he knows nothing about the subject (he knows a lot about gimmicks though).

First, he rocks up to City Hall without the Metropolitan Police Commissioner in tow and then, he tells the Assembly that he “hasn’t been briefed”. Vintage Greenhalgh. The master bungler can be seen in this video clip.

I love the way he answers Jenny Jones’ question with, “I haven’t been… I haven’t actually read the review”.  Great opening line there, Greeno. Start as you mean to carry on. Anyone would think you despised the idea of being held to account.

UPDATE: 5/7/12 @1705

The first link is to a clip from last night’s edition of BBC London News. The second link is an interview with Riz Lateef. He looks as shifty and as sweaty as ever.  Two senior civil servants also mysteriously and abruptly left their posts. Some tweeters likened him to an over-inflated Nick Griffin.

They’re only up for the next 6 days.

The interview is at 10.10


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