Life on Gilligan’s Island (Part 36)

You can tell the London mayoral election is getting ever-closer because in the last couple of weeks, Kennite has churned out blog after tedious blog, all on the same subject: Ken Livingstone’s alleged tax avoidance. You would be forgiven for thinking that there were no other candidates in the contest and that Livingstone is about to do an “Omar Bongo” and win 96% of the vote. Fat chance of that happening. In Kennite’s ideal world Ken would have no votes and be led in chains through the streets of the ancient and curious Cittie of London to be pelted with ordure by the wyzards, alchemystes and other denyzens of the Square Myle.

Today’s blog looks suspiciously like the previous 6 blogs. Does the Torygraph really pay him good money to churn out this crap? I guess they do and it would seem that the paper has money to burn.

This blog is possibly the funniest… well it’s unintentionally funny. How’s this for an opening paragraph?

Quite an interesting attack on Ken from the Chancellor, who told the annual dinner of the Community Security Trust that London needed a leader “who respects all its citizens,” describing Livingstone as “no friend of the Jewish community.”

Oh? Like anyone actually cares what Hon. Gid says. Anyway, how on earth would the Heir to the Baronetcy of Ballintaylor know who is a “friend” of the Jewish community and who isn’t? Gilly and Gid both labour under the delusion that British Jews are some homogeneous mass. Kennite thinks that by quoting Hon. Gid it will lend gravitas to his blog. It doesn’t. It makes him look foolish and juvenile.

Kennite is undeterred. He uses the second paragraph to drive his non-point home while, at the same time, taking the opportunity to infer that Ken prefers to associate with ‘Islamists’.

Osborne is right, of course. Ken’s “respect” for British minorities, and for other nationalities, can be selective. British Muslims, along with India, China, and Venezuela, are in the good camp; British Jews are with Japan and America in the groups that Ken has insulted.

You know something? If someone wrote half the stuff that Kennite writes about Livingstone, Gilligan would threaten them with a law suit quicksmart.

Here, Gilligoon tries to go for the auld thinly-veiled anti-Semitic line,

Slightly chillingly, Ken blames his election defeat in 2008 on the Board of Deputies of British Jews, who he says collaborated with the Evening Standard to “get rid” of him. (I was the main reporter in the Standard’s 2008 investigations of Ken and I have never, to the best of my recollection, spoken to anyone at the Board in my life.)

Livingstone also has a long record of deeply offending many of London’s Jews. His biographer, Andy Hosken, says that as far back as 1982, when leader of the GLC, Ken insisted that the left-wing newspaper he controlled, Labour Herald, publish a cartoon (above) showing the Israeli prime minister as a Nazi. In 1984, Ken said the Board was “organising paramilitary groups which resemble fascist organisations.”

A couple of things: first, the Board of Deputies of British Jews does not represent all Jews. It is only described as “representing the Jewish community” because the media likes it simple and it thinks we do too. Second, not all Jews are Israeli, so to say that Ken Livingstone has a ” long record of deeply offending London’s Jews” is a distortion. But notice how, in the first paragraph, he tells us how he “investigated Ken”. “Smeared” would be the operative word. As for Nazis, I’ve noticed that Kennite is oddly quiet about the Nazi fetishists in the Conservative Party.

Today’s blog gives the impression that there is division in Labour ranks over Livingstone. Yet, the divisions that exist behind the scenes vis a vis Emperor Windbag (aka Bojo the Clown) are glossed over.

Liberal Conspiracy observes that the Ailing Standards has snapped back into its default position of supporting Johnson.

I find it odd that in a country in which we are often told that we have ‘freedom of speech’, satire shows on television are banned in the run up to any election. Yet, smear stories can be concocted by hacks and printed on a daily basis without so much as a slap on the wrists. What kind of twisted logic is that?

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