Shaun Bailey’s charity is no more

After failing to submit accounts on time to the HMRC for the third year in a row, the Tory Party’s A lister, Shaun Bailey has wound up his charity, My Generation.

Political Scrapbook has the story.

Bailey, as you may recall, was the Conservative candidate for Hammersmith.

Nowhere Towers believes that My Generation was nothing more than a political vehicle for Bailey.  In other words, it was just the thing for a budding politician to have on his CV.

The Tories had tried to play the “community organiser” card with Bailey, mimicking the same schtick used by Obama’s supporters in 2008. They thought that it would resonate with voters. It didn’t and the charity has hit the rocks.

The question is, will Bailey remain on the Tory A list or will he be relegated to a lower division? Let’s put it this way, he’s too young for a seat in the House of Lords.

UPDATE:  1/3/12 @1543

I found this article via Political Scrapbook. Apparently Bailey is now ensconced at 10 Downing Street as some sort of yoof and communities advisor.

Bailey told Third Sector he stood down from the position in October and had been appointed as a special adviser to the Prime Minister’s office, where he was advising the government on youth, crime and welfare issues. He said he had been made redundant from MyGeneration in May or June 2011 when a restructure took place, but he had continued to volunteer for the charity.

Check this out, he was “made redundant” from his own charity. That’s a new one… auto-redundancy.  I’ve never that one heard before!


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