Life on Gilligan’s Island (Part 34)

Today, Gilly writes,

Ken this week engraved yet another page in his golden treasury of indefensible outbursts, pronouncing that we should “hang a banker a week.” This one went global – Dutch bankers, for instance, could read about Ken wanting to “hang elke week een bankier op,” just the thing to make them feel like moving their business to London. Ken’s spokesman protested to the FT that he’d made the remark “20 or 30 times” before, perhaps not the most brilliant defence ever mounted….

Quite honestly I think a lot of bankers should hang. Perhaps Kennite thinks that bankers take more risks than those soldiers fighting a capitalist war in Afghanistan and thus they deserve to earn more money. A private earns around £20,000, while a banker earns a handsome 6-figure salary before bonuses. You do the maths and the risk assessment and tell me that something isn’t wrong.

What Kennite has written in today’s Telegraph blogs is some of the laziest stuff that I’ve seen in a long while. If you doubted that Gilligan’s rants mounted to a personal vendetta, then doubt no more.

Gilligoon, who is quite happy to entertain the racists of the EDL, the British Freedom Party and the BNP, deliberately ignores Boris Johnson’s many racist remarks. It’s almost as if, by his silence, he condones the off-the-cuff casual racism of Boris simply because he isn’t Ken.

Last Wednesday Geordie Mark found the time to promote a Boris ‘achievement’.

In accordance with his election promise, Boris’s new open-platform Routemaster hits the streets of Hackney on February 27 for its first day carrying fare-paying passengers (passengers more likely to be paying their fares than on the bendies, anyway.) Bus-spotters will need to set their alarm clocks: the maiden voyage, on route 38 to Victoria, leaves Hackney garage at 6.09am. (TfL’s timekeeping fairy has been in action again – the first day has just been put back from the 20th.)

While Gilligan sings the praises of this replacement to the bendy bus, Boriswatch reminds us that the cost of this new ‘Routemaster’ continue to escalate.

Boriswatch also reminds us of the lies told about the bendy bus, which Bozza claimed had killed many more cyclists than skip lorries.

Apart from the fact that the New Bus For London is *not* a Routemaster, updated or otherwise, TfL is currently committed to nine prototypes, produced at a cost of £11,065,000, and there is no timescale or budget for the model to go into full production.

£11 million has already been spent on this vanity project and I understand that  the the bus’s long-awaited appearance on routes across the capital has been delayed again.

Before I go, one name to remember is Lynton Crosby. He’s Johnson’s campaign manager and an Australian national who is known as the Australian “Karl Rove”.  He runs a political consultancy business with Mark Textor. Here’s their company’s website.

Curiously, Gilly has made no mention of Crosby whom Political Scrapbook has recently accused of running a smear campaign.

Crosby was first hired by Michael Howard to improve the Tory Party image. It failed. Howard was ousted as leader and replaced by Disco Dave Cameron. On that basis the future doesn’t bode well for Crosby or Johnson.

Smears, lies, astroturfing, sockpuppeting and trolling. Expect to see more of those things in the run up to the election.

UPDATE: 20/2/12 @1238

I just had a look at some of the comments on Gilligan’s blog when I found this (You’ll need to click on it to view it properly)

The ironically named “imrankhan” says “Never trust a situationist”. I’d say “never trust someone on Gilligan’s blog who has given himself a Muslim-sounding name but spews forth loads of Islamophobic and racist drivel”. By the way, “imran” also pops up on Dave Hill’s blog to troll.


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