Life on Gilligan’s Island (Part 33)

As the London mayoral election draws nearer, Kennite grows more irritable and more hysterical.   In fact, Gilligan’s blogs have become more and more bizarre with each passing week. Today’s blog is no exception.

Under an image of The Londoner, Geordie Mark has inserted the following caption,

Ken’s propaganda newspaper – not to be confused with the Guardian

Oh, the irony! Oh, the hypocrisy! Gilligan won’t want to say this out loud, so I’ll say it instead: Kennite is Emperor Boris’s unofficial Deputy Mayor for [Dis]Information. His job is to churn out as much propaganda in support of Boris as he can and to smear Ken. The only problem with this line of attack, is that, for all his master’s supposed achievements in his four years in office, Kennite chooses not to focus on those but to attack, not just Livingstone, but The Guardian too.  Whatever happened to that unwritten rule that says that journalists shouldn’t attack other journalists?  Geordie Mark doesn’t care; he has torn up the rule book and taken a dump on its fragments for good measure. The end result is a juvenile rant that is redolent of a thwarted and embittered lover.

This week alone, as the campaign gathers speed, The Guardian has published at least two stories about Boris Johnson that – to put it kindly – lack visible means of support. On Tuesday it claimed that Boris had been “lined up” as the Tory candidate for the safe seat of Reigate at the 2015 general election – a hugely damaging allegation, if true, since it would suggest that Boris does not intend to serve a full term if re-elected mayor and that he has priorities other than London.

It isn’t just The Guardian that has this story, Gilly me old fruit. ThisIsSurreyToday also has the story.  Predictably, Tory High Command and the Reigate MP and Prisons Minister Crispin Blunt have both denied it, but there is a caveat,

Surrey County Council leader David Hodge wouldn’t comment on Mr Blunt but said: “Boris is a good politician and I would wish him luck if he wanted to stand.”

I’ll leave you to work out what Cllr. Hodge is trying to say here.

Here’s The Guardian blog that has gotten Geordie Mark so wound up. This is the most interesting paragraph,

Many Tories believe that Johnson would still want to stand for parliament in 2015 even if he wins in London in May. This would mean he would make a triumphant return to parliament a year before his second term as mayor would end in 2016.

Johnson has always harboured ambitions to become leader of the Conservative Party. It’s probably the worst-kept secret in British politics. Kennite’s silence on that particular issue is almost deafening.

I think  Emperor Boris knows his time is up but Kennite pretends that it’s still all to play for. Two polls show that Livingstone is ahead of Johnson.

Further down the blog, the hysterical Kennite tells us,

This week’s misrepresentations are not serious – but they are interesting as a sign of how the Guardian may intend to play this. It’s an outstanding newspaper  – but there has always been something about Boris which drives it completely off its rocker. During the 2008 campaign, it described him as a “sociopath,” a “moneyed creep… from postcode Posh,” a “bigot,” a “snob,” “loathsome,” a “moron” and of course a (gasp) “public schoolboy,” quite unlike anyone at The Guardian, of course.

Actually, Johnson is all of those things and possibly more. Remember this? And this? London is a multicultural, multi-ethnic city and yet, there isn’t a peep  from Geordie Mark about his master’s use of racist language. Each time the Emperor opens his mouth, there is always a risk that something contentious and racist will slip out.

Speaking of racists, Gilly’s blog has attracted the usual fascists and racists like BNP supporter, “Groovybear” and  John Piggott, who has quite a presence as a commenter on various Internet blogs. Here’s an example.

I have some screengrabs here,

Two of Gilligan's biggest fans

Here is another. In this one, the racist Piggott doesn’t bother hide his anti-Semitism.

Kennite tells us that,

Update: In a touching sign of how closely he follows this blog, Dave within the hour changed his page to remove the claim that the video was of Boris – but don’t worry, I’ve got a screengrab. If only I could work out how to put it up…

Screengrabs are easy to do. I did it. Why can’t he?  Anyway here’s the Dave Hill blog that Gilligoon was talking about.

Let’s return  to The Londoner. When Johnson became mayor he said that he would scrap the paper – which he did – and spend the money on planting trees instead. He didn’t spend all of the £2.9m he claimed would be saved.  Where’s the rest of the money? So much for those ‘green’ credentials. Yes, dear readers, it was all posturing and hot air.  Which is par for the course with Bozza Johnson.


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