Life on Gilligan’s Island (Part 32) or standing up for racism

It's easy to hide your racism by looking like a buffoon

Racism isn’t something that Kennite likes to talk about when he’s promoting his hero, Boris Johnson. In fact, he completely ignores Johnson’s racist remarks. For Gilligoon, Johnson can hardly put a foot wrong. Indeed, Gilly attracts racists to his blogs, many of whom are active members of the English Defence League, the BNP and other fascist parties. In spite of his protests, I would argue that Gilligan has become an apologist for racism and Islamophobia and is more than happy to play to this audience.

This year’s mayoral election may only be 5 months away but Gilligan started his anti-Livingstone smear campaign a couple of years ago. Almost every blog he writes on the subject attempts to connect Livingstone with “Islamic extremism”. If not that, then he dredges up the old Oliver Finegold story. More on that later.

Boris Johnson has plenty of previous form when it comes to racist remarks. He also associates with racists. His deputy mayor Richard Barnes was forced to resign after he made racist comments in the aftermath of last year’s riots. Barnes, who is openly gay said, “‘Why did police put Persil in the water cannons? To stop the colours running?’ Oh yeah, it was just a “joke”. Right? Wrong.

But it’s Johnson’s frequent use of words like “piccaninnies” when referring to African blacks that reminds us how easily the right sweep aside such words and simply excuse them as “humour”. When cornered on his use of “piccaninnies”, Johnson feigned innocence and his supporters (Gilligan included) made all sorts of excuses for him. Johnson was later forced into making an apology.

Gilligan makes reference to the colour of people’s skin in his blog as I have noted many times. He tends to make liberal use of phrases like “white establishment”. In this blog, he continues to insist that Livingstone is linked to “Islamic extremism”.  If you look at the comments on the blog, you can see that it has attracted the usual suspects (“Groovybear”, the ironically-named “imrankhan” and  “cartimandua”). I won’t bother quoting any of them here.

Let’s return to the Oliver Finegold story. It was used by the Tory press to discredit Livingstone. They hoped that it would do for them what Paula Jones and Ann Coulter had done to Bill Clinton.  It failed and in the end, Livingstone was only suspended. But the story itself; the story that Livingstone had allegedly been anti-Semitic is without merit, particularly because Finegold was working for a Rothermere newspaper. The Daily Mail, as students of history will recall, was the only British daily to endorse Oswald Moseley’s British Union of Fascists.

Lord Rothermere and Hitler

Finegold, it would seem, was completely and blissfully unaware of this… then again, maybe he wasn’t. I mean how could any self-respecting Jew contemplate writing for a paper with such a vile history? It’s a little like me taking up a job writing for The British Nationalist and then getting offended when someone suggests that I’m a collaborator.

Below is the exchange between Finegold and Livingstone as it appeared in The Guardian,

Oliver Finegold: “Mr Livingstone, Evening Standard. How did it …”

Ken Livingstone: “Oh, how awful for you.”

Finegold: “How did tonight go?”

Livingstone: “Have you thought of having treatment?”

Finegold: “How did tonight go?”

Livingstone: “Have you thought of having treatment?”

Finegold: “Was it a good party? What does it mean for you?”

Livingstone: “What did you do before? Were you a German war criminal?”

Finegold: “No, I’m Jewish. I wasn’t a German war criminal.”

Livingstone: “Ah … right.”

Finegold: “I’m actually quite offended by that. So, how did tonight go?”

Livingstone: “Well you might be, but actually you are just like a concentration camp guard. You’re just doing it ’cause you’re paid to, aren’t you?”

Finegold: “Great. I’ve you on record for that. So how did tonight go?”

Livingstone: “It’s nothing to do with you because your paper is a load of scumbags.”

Finegold: “How did tonight go?”

Livingstone: “It’s reactionary bigots …”

Finegold: “I’m a journalist. I’m doing my job.”

Livingstone: “… and who supported fascism.”

Finegold: “I’m only asking for a simple comment. I’m only asking for a comment.”

Livingstone: “Well, work for a paper that isn’t …”

Finegold: “I’m only asking for a comment.”

Livingstone: ” … that had a record of supporting fascism.”

Finegold: “You’ve accused me …”

By decontextualising Livingstone’s comment and referring to them as “anti-Semitic” the Tory press was deliberately playing fast and loose with historical materialism. There is an unalterable and uncomfortable fact: some Jews collaborated with the Nazis and many of them were just as brutal as the self-described Aryans. The Nazis set up the Judenräte, which were Jewish local councils that had no power outside the ghettos. The Judenräte existed to enforce the anti-Jewish laws of the Nazi occupiers. These councils were assisted by the Jewish Ghetto Police or Jüdischer Ordnungsdienst. Even worse was the Group 13 Network who reported directly to the SS.

Finegold and his Rothermere colleagues would do well to recall the name of Mordechai Chaim Rumkowski who, after sending many of his fellow Jews to the concentration camps, met his end at Auschwitz, possibly at the hands of other Jewish inmates.

Livingstone’s comments to Finegold should be seen in the context of Jewish collaborationism. But, because so many of us have been deliberately separated from history, it is easy for the Tory press to call the tune and press the spurious  point of Livingstone’s alleged anti-Semitism. For the record, one of Ken’s deputy mayors was Nicky Gavron, a Jewish woman.

Johnson was also quick to attack the MacPherson Inquiry report. He described the Met Police as “victims” of the report. Yes, that’s what he said and here’s the quote,

Maybe I am alone in thinking this, but the police seem to have shown a studied lethargy in the first few days, a remarkable punctilio in their handling of the demonstrators. Some may be moved to speculate whether the drivers of the panda cars, and the victims of the Macpherson report, are themselves sympathetic to the first serious revolt that Blair has faced.

It’s easy to hide one’s racism by playing the buffoon. It worked – up to a point- for Neil Hamilton, but others have not been able to master buffoonery or are totally incapable of playing the buffoon – Nick Griffin and John Tyndall spring to mind. Boris Johnson wants to disarm his critics by playing the role of clown but every now and again, his mask slips and we catch a glimpse of the real Boris.

Even if Johnson’s racism was of the more overt “send ’em back” variety, Gilly would ignore it in order to score political points off Livingstone. By refusing to comment on Johnson’s racism, Gilly is just as guilty for attempting to deflect attention away from it with his hysterical anti-Muslim witch hunts and his endless praise for Johnson’s lack of substance.

Johnson claims to “loathe and despise” racism but he only says this when he’s surrounded and there’s no escape.

I wonder what Gilligan’s excuse is?

I’ll leave you with this snippet of an article that Kennite wrote for the Ailing Standards in 2007. It’s quoted on Iain Dale’s Diary (I won’t link to the site).

It started on Saturday, when Doreen Lawrence, mother of the murdered black teenager Stephen, lambasted Boris, saying that having him as mayor “would destroy the city’s [multicultural] unity.”And Mrs Lawrence’s reason for saying this? Seven and a half years ago, Mr Johnson disagreed with a recommendation in the Macpherson report into her son’s death that using racist language in the home or another private place should be a crime. He called it “Orwellian.”

Now that’s an apology.


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7 responses to “Life on Gilligan’s Island (Part 32) or standing up for racism

  1. You’re misrepresenting my words. I also noticed that you’ve referred to the proprietor of the Mail as “Lord Rotherhithe”. It’s Lord Rothermere.

  2. No I didn’t mis-represent you, you implied that working for an employer with a dodgy past makes someone fair game. The 80 year old views of RotherMere have no bearing on this case. The Dreyfus affair? Wow not that’s a blast from the past.

    You gave a roll call of leftwing Jews, let’s look at them closely

    Trotsky – an authoritarian fascist who believed in violence.
    Ted Grant – who formed that fascist entryist cult Millitant which made Labour unelectable during the 1980’s.
    Tony Cliff – who formed the cult the SWP (which I was a member) that morphed into a rape cult when it was led by Martin Smith.

    Grant and Cliff were so proud of their Jewish roots that they completely changed their names to hide their Jewish origins.

    I complain against racism regardless of whom it is against and who it comes from. As a Chinese person I have been called chink and chinky by people of all colours, religions, genders and sexual orientations. I know that goes against your HuffPo reading, polenta eating ceroc dancing world view. As for racism against say black people or any other racism, I would say ‘it depends’ on the incident. I would ask how is it racist first and foremost.

    Thanks for reminding my all those crude statements made by Tories and UKIPers, the difference is that on the right people who make racist statements get thrown out. Yet on the left, they are promoted to high office. For example Diane ‘Finnish nurses’ Abbott, Ken Livingstone, Sadiq ‘muslim uncle toms’ Khan and last but not least the lovely Nazi, sorry Naz, Shah.

    • Hilarious. Where did I “suggest that you were working for someone”? Post the quote or STFU. You’re absolutely clueless about political ideologies or cadre names. Trotsky wasn’t a fascist nor were Tony Cliff and Ted grant, you numpty. Socialists were murdered by the Nazis, whom you’d no doubt describe as “left-wing”.

      Grant and Cliff were so proud of their Jewish roots that they completely changed their names to hide their Jewish origins.

      A lot of Jews Anglicised their names and not just those associated with the Left. This passage alone reveals your remarkable ignorance.

      Make your next reply a good one. Though in your case, I doubt that’s possible given the fact that your reading and comprehension skills are piss poor.

      • No matter how many left fascist cults or rape cults that you bring up does not deny the fact that our Ken used his political authority to racially abuse a journalist who was merely doing his job. Your point about the ES having dodgy past owners in the first half of the last century was undermined by the fact our Ken used to work as a restaurant critic of the ES and now he pops up occassionally on the Iranian government owned PressTV. A government that hangs homosexuals from cranes.

        If a Tory or UKipper had said the same thing to a Jewish journalist from the ES, I have no doubt you and you fellow comrades would still cream your pants over it to this day.

        Just to educate you about Tony Cliff and the SWP, I was a member and can confirm that both are/were fascist in outlook. Try looking up ‘Democratic centralism’.

      • You were never a member of the SWP and your claim that Cliff and the SWP are fascists only make you look like more of an idiot.

        And you’re still smearing me. Your a nasty small-minded wee troll.

        Here’s a warning: your next reply will be deleted. So don’t bother trying to send one.

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