Is Britain really less racist than it was 20 years ago? Not if you look at the comments on Telegraph blogs

How much has really changed?

No sooner than the Lawrences get justice for their murdered son than the usual chorus of racist cranks and thugs come slithering out of the woodwork.

Predictably the Torygraph blogs is where we’ll find most of the nutters. These people think that by leaving comments on the Telegraph that, somehow, this will lend more respectability to their vile rants than if they were to leave them on, say, British Nationalist, where hardly anyone will see them.

On Mary Riddell’s blog, titled “Lawrence verdict a tribute to advances in law and science. But can society keep up”? The question is like an open goal to the hoardes of knuckledragging right-wing keyboard warriors who spend their days heaping praise on the likes of Ed West, Delingpole and Gilligoon but see Riddell as some sort of left-wing trojan horse.

Riddell, who was once a Society columnist for The Guardian, ends her article with this,

The one outstanding question is this. Has society moved on at the same pace? Almost 20 years after Stephen Lawrence died, is it conceivable that some other innocent young man or woman could be slaughtered through hate or mindless prejudice? The answer, I am afraid, is yes. On this signal day for truth and justice, we should ask ourselves why.

She needn’t ask herself that question. There are plenty of wannabe murderers leaving comments on her blog. If they aren’t wannabe murderers, then they are the types that would cheer as someone of colour was being kicked to death by a racist thug.

“Cartimandua”, who often has a great deal to say on Islam, says this,

Had the two convicted today been terrorist suspects the Lefty media would be thoroughly on their side complaining that the evidence was suspect and the publicity lead to the impossibility of a fair trial.

I wonder if he still thinks The Birmingham 6 and the Guildford 4 are still guilty? Probably. Cartimadua is joined by this nutter who calls himself  “Peter Bishop”,

The majority of victims of racist crimes in this country are indeed white although if you read our MSM  you would not be aware of this.  If we look at today’s ” right wing”  Daily Mail coverage we can witness the great efforts this paper makes to publicise its crusade to convict those allegedly guilty of the Lawrence murder yet it  makes no effort to publicise  racist murders of white people.

Let me get this straight, “racist murders of white people”? Don’t bother to ask him about power relations, he’ll just call you a “traitor” and a white-hating “loony lefty”. He’s also likely to chuck out meaningless junk like “anti-racism is anti-white”. It’s straight from the BNP book of stock soundbites.

Here’s another one who can’t hide his racism. Regular commenter, “crownarmourer” says,

If Stephen Lawrence had been white and the victim of a vicious black racist attack you Ms Riddell would have celebrated his attackers and not the victim such are your priority’s.

Are these really the words of a grown adult? It’s debatable.

There are plenty of comments to choose from but here’s one that sounds as if it was written by the BNP’s press department,


The increasingly wasteful plod and CPS and its other lackeys  in answering  the  demands  of  the multiculti   and race fanatics having  now resorted  to full  totalitarianist   policies against the white population as a means for achieving   something they could never have done  by willful consent of the so called tolerant  British people will one day  all be got up  and put through the mincer and fed to their  fellow snouters  at the pig farm .
You know that when they start to talk about Black people having “a chip on their shoulder”, you’re onto something. This exchange can be found on Dan Hodges blog, one of the posters calls himself  “spearofodin”.


48 minutes ago

As a black man who used to live in Plumstead at the time, and often had to venture into Eltham, I know where the author is coming from. The local police were just as bad. I was once stopped for running along Plumstead because a policeman thought that this was suspicious. I used to be an athlete so always used to run and never got any grief until I moved to Plumstead. I’m almost sorry that more black people have moved there now as I would prefer the white racists to stew in their own bile.
Our heart bleeds – you were stopped for running in the street.Thats almost like being thrown into a gas chamber isnt it.You must be the only person ever stopped for running in the street by the police – what evil racism.I was stopped and searched by the police for carrying a bin bag after dark in the street on my council estate – should I cry racism.Oh I cant – I am white.Get the chip off your shoulder.

“Our heart”?  This one presumes to speak for all of his, er, race. But if you complain about racism, you have a “chip on your shoulder”. The name of this commenter shouldn’t be taken lightly; it is the sort of name favoured by self-styled Nordic nationalists neo-Nazis because it comes from Norse mythology. Interestingly enough, Emma West, the woman who shouted racist abuse on a Croydon tram is being supported by the BNP… and “spearofodin” who complains that she’s being sent to Crown Court.

Speaking of West,  “Groovybear” dumped this chunk of cut and paste onto the blog, some of which I will quote here.
Emma West, the woman who spoke out about
immigration on that Croydon tram was dragged through court once more on Tuesday
the 3rd January.

She didn’t “speak out against immigration”, she launched into a racist tirade against her fellow passengers.

Emma West, however, is being brutally bullied by
the Establishment, clearly with the intention of cowing the entire native

Racists rarely hide their true selves. Here “Groovybear” can’t actually think for himself and snatches a chunk of text from the BNP website but neglects to provide a link to the source. Is he that ashamed of his rather obvious connection to the BNP? Here is a snippet from the source article,

The British State’s bullying efforts to frighten indigenous Brits into accepting their second class status and eventual displacement from the own homeland continue.

Emma West, the woman who spoke out about immigration on that Croydon tram was dragged through court once more on Tuesday the 3rd January.

I won’t link to the BNP website for obvious reasons.

His “Groovyness” also bemoans the fact that Rod Liddle’s rancid article was referred to the Director of Public Prosecutions for contempt of court. The article was taken down. Liddle’s latest article, which is provocatively titled “You have to be very careful who you murder these days”.  reads pretty much the same way but he uses transgendered people as his target instead of blacks. In my mind, it’s just as bad. But what’s truly undignified is the way Liddle assumes the role of martyr.

Take a look at this thread from the EDL’s Facebook page and tell me that it isn’t any different to what you’ve read on Telegraph blogs.

A friend posted this article from The Independent on Facebook.

Back in July when Anders Behring Breivik massacred loads of innocent people, the Torygraph’s commenters were in full cry. Indeed, there was an “anders” who regularly left comments, all of which included words like “dhimmi” and complained about “appeasing” Muslims. Paranoid stuff.

Finally, while those I have quoted excuse the racism of Acourt, Dobbs, Norris et al. Nowhere Towers would like to remind its readers what Eltham and its environs are like if you happen to be in possession of dark skin. As this article from today’s Independent shows.

One alleged victim of the Acourt gang, who was lucky to survive after being stabbed in the stomach, said he was “overjoyed” that two of its members now face jail.

Gurdeep Bhangal, now 41, was attacked with a kitchen knife outside his father’s Wimpy franchise in Eltham on 11 March 1993, during a spate of racist attacks in the weeks before Stephen Lawrence’s murder. He had confronted a group of abusive white youths that he alleges included David Norris. Another member of the group stabbed him.

That part of Southeast London is well known as a hotspot of far-right politics. It was the home to the BNP, who were based in Welling, a short distance away from Eltham. Bexley council shut down the BNP headquarters in 1995. The party has since decamped to Wigton in Cumbria.

So is Britain a less racist place than it was 20 years ago?


Most certainly not.

UPDATE 7/1/12 @ 1049 : On today’s Telegraph blogs, LMer Brendan O’Neill, writes a somewhat confused blog that has attracted an overwhelmingly white nationalist readership.

I found this comment,

UB,Will you accept that I am reasonably acquainted with racial nationalism?  I am a racial nationalist.  I have written a great deal about it.  I am also a genuine student of political philosophy as well as the politics of race.  I know as much of these things, certainly, as anyone posting here.I am going to explain to you what this beautiful philosophy is, and why it does not exist within the liberal paradigm.  I will try to keep it as non-technical as possible.Racial nationalism is nationalism.  Culturalist or civicist nationalisms are actually patriotisms and do not challenge the fundamentals of the racial dispensation within Western polities.  Therefore, when we speak of nationalism as a radical (or consequential) politics, we are only speaking of the quiet politics of natural or genetic interests … the politics of peoples.Now, beyond the liberal paradigm – that is, in the non-Western world – all politics acknowledges the genetic interests of indigenous peoples.   That is true in Japan and in China.  It is true in India, Mexico, Turkey.  It is true of the politics of the Native Americans, for example, and of the Amazonian tribes in Brazil.  It is true even in the breach, as in Palestine and Tibet – we instinctively know where to place our sympathy not because Palestinians and Tibetans share our liberal values but because they are the true people of the land, like us.

Of course, all these national polities are quite unconsciously nationalistic.  They don’t need radicalism because that which is most precious- the life of the true people – is an assumed political value.  But everywhere in the West the assumption is that the genetic interests of European-descended peoples are morally illegitimate.

Something is wrong.

What’s wrong, of course, is that liberalism has become the struggle against the struggle for existence.  You, for example, struggle against the life of our English people.  You think this is moral.  You think “nationalism” is “Nazi” and “fascist” and “evil”.  You have been provided with emotional cues to take the place of thought, and you duly do not think.

Amid such a remarkable absence of intellectual enquiry, and an even more remarkable absence of self-awareness, the simple demand that the true people of the land must live, that the genetic interests of that people must obtain, is revolutionary.  It comes from without the system.  The genetic interests of the people (which subsume the genetic interests of the individual, by the way) have been put outside by Power.  The indigenous European is ignored as such, is denied his existence, is denied the natural political expression which enters politics all across the non-Western world.

The name we give our effort to correct this evil, and to bring health and normality back to our political life, is racial nationalism.  It is radical because of its circumstance, not because of its content.  Its content is normal and universal.

Forget what you read about racial nationalism.  This is the truth.

“John Piggott” doesn’t bother to hide the fact that he’s a racist. Instead he uses the phrase “racial nationalist”. But did you see how he compared his white supremacy to the people of India and China. One of the racist’s favourite tricks is to ask the stupid question “Can I be Chinese”? It’s a straw man.
O’Neill opens by saying,
Is Diane Abbott racist? By any reasoned, rational assessment, of course she isn’t. There’s far more to being a racist than writing the occasional clumsily worded tweet. But if we go by the definition of racism proffered by Abbott’s own social and political set – particularly by the Labour Party – then she is a racist. After all, who was it who redefined racism to include speech and action that is not even consciously bigoted (“unwitting racism”) and to include “any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person”? Yep, it was Labour and its various cliques. Abbott has fallen victim to her own mates’ ruthless relativisation of what constitutes racism.
O’Neill rationalizes things by weaving Dianegate (can I say that?) into a tapestry of wibertarian-speak. Diane Abbott is no more a racist than the presenters on Loose Women are sexist because of their generalizations about men. Wibertarians like O’Neill always get their knickers in a twist whenever the issues of race, sex (yes, I used that word instead of gender), gender (and I mean, gender) and class are raised.  Bereft of ontological wisdom – either through ignorance or design, wibertarians want you to believe that history or, at least the one you and I remember, never existed. What I find so breathtaking is how their sense of victimhood kicks into overdrive .  “Why can’t I have some of that too”? Just like those men who claim to have a monthly cycle, “It’s just like a woman’s period. Honest”. No, it isn’t. Get a grip.


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3 responses to “Is Britain really less racist than it was 20 years ago? Not if you look at the comments on Telegraph blogs

  1. Wendy Warstammer

    human beings are ultimately sexual animals. i.e. for a mother to feed a baby, both mother and child must be (sexually) stimulated and aroused; thus the milk will flow, mouth will suck and the teet will excrete. however we do not rely soley on either earthly or mental stimulus but a combination of both, stimulating youth and adult and engagin with our arousal is absolute. racism is benign in any forward thinking, trully modern person, however not everyone is stimulated or understands arousal. is porn where both members are from the same race racist? would porn from the same sex be sexist? the education syllabus and push to endorse the mental stimulus is an issue, pupils are pushed to understand only half of being and within this half only a given perspective which does not tackle multi-culturalism of a globalised world and does not address terratorial ideas belonging in the human race. everybody is born of the earth yet some are made to think that their surroundings are their home and not anybody elses and this may have to do with their physical appearance, the way they think and their ancestory. the word “racist” should be hung around the neck of anyman whom attempts to judge the world on these principles. A scientific principle against racist and nationalists is that children from mixed races and mixed cultural backgrounds and mixed national backgrounds even, are stronger. In fact the science of racism is to reject the people of your own ilk, colour, culture, nation etc however ultimately somebody whom appears opposite may have some simular genetic origin and metamorphasis we are all soft on the inside. Any person whom attempts to judge a situation based on prejudice should also have the word prejudice hung around their neck. Judgement is ultimately a clause of authoritive, hierachichal, establishment. I made this all up and I am a racial nationalist. my race is white and i dispise its history apart from the few who have stood up to the many and made changes. my nation is britain and i dispise its history apart from multiculturalism it is grounded on, norse is only a fraction of british ancestory, and the socialism it is renound for. socialism needs refining, conservatism needs eradicating, people can take care of themselves, we are all in this together.

    • Race is socially constructed and has no more basis in scientific fact than a person’s eye or hair colour. Thus it is a superficial means of classifying people according to type.

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