Life on Gilligan’s Island (Part 31)

Hammersmith & Fulham has featured in Private Eye’s “Rotten Boroughs” 14 times since the Tories took control of the council.  That, my friends, is a record. With the London mayoral elections only a few months away, Andrew Gilligan (known on this blog as Kennite or Gilly) is doing his bit to get the ineffectual buffoon, Boris Johnson re-elected by writing bilge like this,

I’ve been away doing the day job, so I’ve only just caught Ken’s latest  outburst. At a meeting in Hammersmith and Fulham earlier this week, Labour’s cuddly old charmer told one H&F councillor, Peter Graham, that if there was “any justice,” he and all his 30 Tory colleagues would “burn in hell and your flesh will be flayed [by] demons for all eternity.”

And so they should. But Kennite is on the side of H&F Tories, so you’ll have to forgive him if he doesn’t see things as clearly as those of us who live in the borough. I followed the link to Politics Home, which has this blog.

At a “Tell Ken” public meeting in Hammersmith on Monday, Livingstone’s attacked the council’s plans to redevelop the Earl’s Court estate. (The council insists all current tenants will get a new and better home, but Labour complains that people are being cleared out of the site in an attempt at social engineering.)

Livingstone compared H&F to Dame Shirley Porter’s illegal ‘gerrymandering’ reign in Westminster. He said:

“The big problem we’ve got here in this borough is that the majority party, I have to say, seems to be every bit as bad and corrupt as Westminster Council under Lady Porter. The law, of course, imposed a £48 million fine because she did exactly what this council is doing, forcing poor people out of homes.

“When Lady Porter was found guilty, I was still an MP and that night the former leader of Wandsworth Council, Christopher Chope*, passed me in the Commons and said, ‘Do you know, we did exactly the same thing in Wandsworth – we just weren’t that stupid to put it in writing.’

“I suspect this bunch of crooks running Hammersmith can’t have put it in writing, but they’re doing exactly what Porter did, cleansing working class people out of the borough when they are supposed to represent all classes, and everybody who lives in the borough.”

Livingstone is right. I live here. Kennite doesn’t.  The council has done all it can to enrich its developer friends  since it came to power 6 years ago. All Gilligoon can do is defend the council by smearing Ken.

The only demons here are those in Ken’s own head. And the only thing burning right now is surely his election campaign. It’s a meltdown, and it’s starting to feel almost unkind to talk about it.

A case of the pot calling the kettle black? Most certainly.

If Gilly bothered to do some homework, he would have noticed how H&F Tories decanted tenants from Edith Summerskill House on the pretext of refurbishing the block, only to sell off the block to developers some time later. That, Mr Gilligan, is crookedness. If there is a hell, may they burn in it along with you.


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