Local cycling campaigners invite Greenhalgh out for a ride

This is from the Fulham Chronicle,

CYCLING campaigners have invited the leader of H&F council to join them on a bike ride in the area’s most dangerous spots.

Hammersmith and Fulham Cyclists have called upon Cllr Stephen Greenhalgh to join them on a bike ride to highlight the dangers on the boroughs roads.

The route would cover Hammersmith Bridge, the gyratory, Shepherd’s Bush Green and Holland Park – the worst areas for cyclists.

Something tells me that Greenhalgh is unlikely to accept this offer. Why? Have you seen the size of his waistline?  He’s not the sort of person who looks as though he gets a lot of exercise. But that isn’t the only reason.  Like his chum at City Hall (who appointed him to the ‘Forensic Audit Panel’), Greenhalgh only sees the surface of things. In this respect he’s very much the postmodern politician. He is one who thinks that the superficial and a few well-placed dog-whistle words are enough to satisfy people’s people’s concerns.

Boris Johnson’s poorly planned and implemented Cycle Superhighways are routinely encroached by cars and heavier vehicles. In fact, someone was killed on CS2 last week. The Grumpy Cyclist has the story.

There’s no profit in cycle safety and people should have the right to kill themselves on the road without the ‘nanny state’ poking its nose in, therefore Greeno isn’t interested.

You can read the rest of the article here.



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3 responses to “Local cycling campaigners invite Greenhalgh out for a ride

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  2. edtree

    One of the biggest probs in London is not safety but THEFT. You cannot leave your bike anywhere nowadays (even in plain view as my local barber found) without some person; who we most likely feed and shelter with our taxes, nicking all or part of it! Also the police could do with an attitude overhaul! Although never around to apprehend a thief, they always seem to be there if a cyclist, even though motivated by safety concerns, should commit such a heinous offence as riding on the footpath on Putney Bridge, as one poor woman found recently even though there was no pedestrian within 50 yards.
    So what if she were making a green choice by not driving hey, so what indeed!

    • I agree. The cops don’t take cycle theft (and indeed low level crime) seriously.

      Putney Bridge is terrible. It’s full of potholes and if you stick to bus lane you and your bike could get seriously damaged. The local authority should create a shared pavement on Putney Bridge.

      Cycling provision in Britain is at best piecemeal and at worst, downright dangerous.

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