My Tory Party conference preview

The Tory Party rally conference opens today in Manchester  in the middle of the biggest economic crisis in a generation. We can expect the following things to be said over the course of the rally conference:

  1. We hate human rights
  2. We hate Europe
  3. Give the British people a say as to whether ‘we’ should remain in the EU
  4. The last government created the current economic mess
  5. The deficit is unprecedented because Labour overspent in its last years
  6. The nation’s credit card is ‘maxed out’
  7. We want to cut red tape (in other words we want to ditch Health & Safety legislation and other forms of workplace protection because we don’t care about people)
  8. Kill the poor (I made that one up but the sentiment exists)
  9. Strikes are wrong and the government should further limit a worker’s right to withdraw their labour
  10. Public sector workers enjoy ‘gold-plated’ pensions, which are ‘unsustainable’
  11. We are a compassionate party
  12. Or NHS ‘reforms’ will deliver (greater profits to our chums in the healthcare industry)
They will deliberately ignore the fact that:
  1. Capitalism is in crisis (no change there)
  2. Neoliberalism is a busted flush
  3. Their love of budget cuts will make matters worse
  4. They don’t have a real recovery plan and their ‘strategy’ is designed to ensure that the rich hold onto power at the expense of the vast majority of the electorate
That’s pretty much it, really.

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