Those Cycle Superhighways – aren’t they brilliant? Not really

I was walking along Whitechapel High Street the other day and I noticed that the vast majority of motorists tended to ignore the blue-painted cycle lanes on the road. Any novice urban cyclist would have been put off by the sight of cars, buses, coaches and lorries encroaching into, what is supposed to be, a space reserved for cyclists.

Here a minibus encroaches the cycle lane, while the bendy bus in the far distance blocks it completely.

Here a coach completely blocks the cycle superhighway.

If these new blue cycle lanes aren’t properly enforced, they may as well not be there. I’ve always thought the Cycle Superhighway was a complete waste of money and here is the proof.


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4 responses to “Those Cycle Superhighways – aren’t they brilliant? Not really

  1. Mate, these are not cycle lanes they are for parking, didn’t you know ?

  2. ALS

    I live on Whitechapel high street and just bought a bike. I’m actually now frightened. I really thought these super cycle highways will help me cycle to work safely. But the more I walk to work and notice the traffic along the highways, I can’t see how I’ll take my bike out.

    • The Cycle Superhighways (which are neither super nor highways) are typical of Boris Johnson’s way of thinking. It’s all about creating an image and nothing more. The advance stop boxes at road junctions are also for show since it is not illegal for motorists to encroach them. It’s time politicians looked beyond appearances and made a real effort to help cyclists.

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