Ex-offenders given tents to live in

I found this article in Inside Housing. It’s a scandal that homeless ex-offenders are, in effect, told to remain homeless and are handed tents to live in. Of course there are loads of Torygraph readers who would agree with this sort of thing but, as far as Nowhere Towers is concerned,  they’re not human.

Ex-offenders handed tents to live in

Homeless ex-offenders in Nottinghamshire are being issued with tents by the region’s probation service.

The service confirmed it gave tents to five people last year when hostel accommodation could not be found.

Peter Anthony, accommodation, benefits and advice officer with Nottinghamshire Probation Service, said it would prefer stable accommodation for ex-offenders. But he added: ‘When there simply is no other option we will, if it is appropriate, provide a tent and sleeping bag.

‘If you send someone away from the office into the night and they have literally got nowhere to go, the chances are that they will commit offences.’
Mr Anthony added that bed spaces in the region were reducing due to the closure of a number of hostels. ‘This year we expect it [the use of tents] to increase exponentially,’ he added.

You can read the rest here.

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One response to “Ex-offenders given tents to live in

  1. Galaxian

    It looks pretty good. In Phoenix, Arizona, USA, offenders live in tents while incarcerated in Sheriff Arpaio’s jail in the great outdoors. Arpaio prides himself on the pink underwear included with the jail duds for new inmates. Because they are pink, that means they’ll be returned when the blokes leave. Arpaio does not give tents to departing offenders. Neither does Adult Probation. Released offenders who have nowhere to go and cannot get a bet can check the dumpster. If the dumpster is not locked, it may contain a sheet of cardboard. ‘Least it doesn’t rain much in Phoenix.

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