Have I had a visit from Kennite?

It seems that I have. “Geordie Mark”, who left comments on my About page, may be another sockpuppet of Andrew Gilligan. At first I wasn’t willing to entertain the idea that Gilligoon had sockpuppeted/trolled me. It seemed a little paranoid. But opening a comment with “I had a tip from a friend of mine” is rather telling. But the fact that “Geordie Mark” chose to mention Gilligan was probably the biggest clue of all. The fact that he mentioned Yasser Arafat and Margaret Thatcher in the same sentence also makes it highly likely.  I suspect it was my leaving a comment on Adam Bienkov’s blog that alerted Gilly to my presence. “Geordie Mark” appeared on the same day that I left a comment on Adam’s blog. Coincidence? Unlikely.

Old habits die hard and Gilly is a creature of habit.

For your enjoyment, here’s another video of Gilligan in action on Press TV


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