Libya – here we go again

While protesters were being shot at by Bahrain’s security forces, the West ignored this in a rush to enforce what it described a “no fly zone” in Libya. When I saw the news footage from BBC News (to my shame), I was struck with a sense of deja vu.

In 2002, we were told by our political leaders that Saddam was a “tyrant” and that he “killed his own people”. Fast forward to 2011 and we see the same things and hear the same half-truths, only this time, the names have changed. This time Gaddafi is a “Mad Dog” who “kills his own people”.

Unlike Yemen and Djibouti, Libya has oil. Bahrain has oil too, but the pro-Western dictatorship remains intact, so the oppression can carry on. There has been much talk about the “rule of law” and how we must “protect innocent civilians”. It seems to me that the UK, US, France and the other warmongering nations are somewhat selective in their use of military assistance to ‘protect’ people from tyranny.

The situation in Libya began with a rebellion, which then morphed into a civil war, now the West has taken it upon itself to take sides in the conflict. There have also been rebellions and uprising throughout Africa and the Middle East yet, there was no talk of military intervention – even when civilians were being killed. The West has been watching events nervously since the first protesters took to the streets in Tunis and then Cairo. There had been much hand-wringing and mealy-mouthed words of support for the protesters but little else.

There is a very good blog from Socialist Unity here

Al Jazeera has a good article about Western overzealousness here.

In yesterday’s Telegraph, warmongering Moonie, Nile Gardiner, whose headline screams “David Cameron’s War: the Empire Strikes back at ‘Mad Dog Gaddafi” said,

There is no doubt that David Cameron’s stock as a world leader has soared since the start of the Libya crisis, in marked contrast to that of the American president. But his decision to invest military resources in a Libyan campaign carries with it significant risks, and must only be undertaken as part of a broader strategy to rebuild British military power. The British lion has roared, but must also be strong enough to go in for the kill.

Notice how he manages to praise Cameron and have a pop at Obama at the same time. Cheap stuff. So this is Cameron’s ‘good war’? There is no such thing as a good war. Like Blair, Cameron is looking for his place in history but if, like Iraq, this goes badly for him, he will be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

I saw Hon Gideon on the Andrew Marr Show this morning and while he is cutting public services, he talked how he was going to spend more on Britain’s military. So they can find the money for killing people abroad but not on things that improve people’s lives in this country? Typical topsy turvy neoliberal nonsense.

Last month, Cameron was hawking weapons around Egypt and the Middle East. Those weapons, like those supplied to Libya, will be used to kill protesters. Oh, the irony.

Meanwhile in Bahrain

Meanwhile in Yemen

Meanwhile in Senegal

Good article by Robert Fisk here

I am not a fan of the Colonel but I know hypocrisy and double standards when I see them.


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