More opposition to Tobes’s free school – this time from Latymer Upper School

I found this article in the Evening Standard. The headmaster of Latymer Upper School, which will be the West London Free School’s neighbour, has voiced opposition to the Hammersmith & Fulham Council’s plan to house Acton-based Toby Young’s school in nearby Palingswick House,

The head of a £15,000-a-year private school is rallying neighbours to object to plans to open a free school nearby.

Peter Winter, head of Latymer Upper School, has written to neighbours voicing concerns over West London Free School. One of the first free schools to open in the capital, it is due to move into Palingswick House in Hammersmith, next to Latymer.

Ravenscourt Park Preparatory is also nearby and is planning to expand.

You can read the rest of the article here.

There was an interesting point raised last year on Mumsnet about admissions. It would appear that the Hon Tobes’s own children could be excluded because they live outside of the school’s catchment area.

This article from the Press Association says,

Parents who help to set up free schools could be given guaranteed places for their children under reforms to the admissions code being considered by ministers.

The article also reminds us that,

Under the admissions code, schools cannot choose their pupils, but have to adhere to strict guidelines, designed to given every child a fair chance of a place. It was understood that this would apply to free schools as well.

Maybe Hon Tobes’s chums on H&F council will find him a new house in the borough too? Who knows?


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One response to “More opposition to Tobes’s free school – this time from Latymer Upper School

  1. Lucy Knight

    It’s no coincidence that news of the Chief Adjudicator for School Admissions resignation appeared the night before the changes to the admissions procedure were announced. Toby won’t need to buy a new house, now that admission places are guaranteed for parents involved in setting up a free school.

    There seems to be no limit to the size of a free school working party, so the question is can 250 parents all be guaranteed a place in the free school they set ‘help’ to set up and if self interest is the driver, what happens when the kids grow up and the parents priorities change?

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