Is H&F Council reneging on its word to work with Sands End Community Centre?

It certainly looks that way.  According to Labour group leader, Stephen Cowan and those who run the centre, the council is going back on its word. At the heated cabinet meeting on February 7, The Sands End Community Centre put forward their own ‘Big Society’ plan on which the Tory-controlled administration agreed to work with them. It would seem that the Tories have not yet made contact. Cowan says,

What’s happened to the Sands End Community Centre since the infamous Cabinet Meeting on 7th February when H&F Conservatives agreed to close it down and sell it off? Regular readers will recall that the Borough’s cabinet were visibly shaken by the hundreds of people that turned up to plead for a different ‘big society’ solution that could save the centre. So in front of the largest crowd I’ve ever seen at a cabinet meeting the Conservatives muttered a reluctant promise to work with residents to consider all options to keep the centre open. Well, the latest news is that many of the services will cease to operate from the end of April.

You can read the rest of Cllr Cowan’s blog here.

It would appear that the Council is only interested in working for the benefit of the borough’s wealthiest rather than for all of its residents. Is this what local democracy is supposed to look like? Is it the case that communities don’t matter unless they can turn a profit? So much for the Big Society.


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