Life On Gilligan’s Island (Part 27)

This just a quick one. Gilligan’s latest blog is a part rehashing of his previous blog.  You know, Ken worked for Press TV (Gilligan avoids the fact that he worked for them too), Ken’s an Islamist sympathizer, that sort of thing. To this mix, he adds a little Lutfur to spice things up and voila! Another classic concoction! He even manages to drag Barbara Windsor, Shappi Khorsandi and Esther Rantzen into it. He goes into smear overdrive at the end of the blog with this cracker,

PS A fascinating insight into Livingstone fans’ sensitivities over the extremist issue was provided the other day in a piece by Adam Bienkov, one of Ken’s online groupies, who glosses the great man’s activities in this area as “support for Islam.” It’s not Ken’s “support for Islam” that anyone serious objects to, is it? It’s his support for a particular kind of Islam.

Adam Bienkov is a “Ken  groupie”? That’s news to me.  In fact, anyone who criticizes Gilligoon’s journalism is subjected to the usual lazy, binarist smears, “If you don’t like Boris, you must be one of them” is the idea. But what is this “particular kind of Islam” that he speaks of? In Gilly’s eyes, all Islam is bad. If you don’t believe me, just have a look at his blogs over the course of last year. Gilligoon makes no distinctions at all. In fact, no one could accuse Gilly of being an online Boris groupie…could they?

One of the commenters, “paulo anonymous”, heaps praise on him

Mr. Gilligan continues to excel as this paper’s ONLY true investigative journalist.

Paulo clearly hasn’t read a great deal of investigative journalism. I suspect paulo is a sock-puppet. To be honest, I wouldn’t trust Gilligan to write a story about a village fete.  Who knows how he’d spin that?

Check out this site, it’s run by Boris groupies with material supplied by yours truly.

You can watch a video of Gilly interviewing his nemesis on Press TV. It was broadcast on 5 May 2010

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