Wisconsin again

Good blog from Socialist Unity about the situation in Wisconsin, where the governor, Scott Walker (the namesake of my favourite male vocalist) is proposing to end collective bargaining. Wisconsin is the state that once had a socialist mayor in its capital, Madison.

In Wisconsin Monday, protesters are again expected to fill and surround the Capitol in Madison.

It’s the seventh consecutive day of demonstrations against a plan by Republican Gov. Scott Walker to increase healthcare and pension contributions by public employees, while eliminating most of their collective bargaining rights.

Senate Democrats remain out of state to try to thwart a vote on the bill.

Snow, slush, rain and sleet kept the size of Sunday’s crowd down and forced the protests indoors, but thousands still packed into the Capitol rotunda.

They crammed themselves up to 10 deep along the rails of the upper floors to voice their displeasure with Gov. Walker’s budget-repair bill.

Union leaders for the state’s teachers, healthcare workers and other public employees say they’ll give the governor the financial concessions he wants — amounting to a pay cut of eight percent or more — but they will stand firm on what they call union busting proposals.

You can read the rest here.

What time is it? It’s revolution time!


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