Shaun Bailey and the case of the overdue accounts

During last year’s general election, Tory parliamentary candidate, Shaun Bailey was being sold to the people of Hammersmith as a sort of British Obama.  They also made a serious point of telling us that “he’s a community organiser”. There the resemblance ends. Recently he has appeared on telly on such programmes as Channel 4’s pitiful attempt at political satire, 10 O’Clock Live, where he lined up with Phillip Blond against Johann Hari to sell the government’s Big Society (henceforth referred to as ‘Big Soc’) idea to the viewers. At times, he seemed confused about his own political position. He also seems confused about the need to provide a set of accounts on time.

H&F Conwatch has reported on Bailey’s penchant for tardy accounts here,  here and here. It would seem that Mr Bailey is making a habit of this sort of thing after failing to file his charity’s accounts on time for the second year running. Last year, the Charity Commission raised questions about Bailey’s accounts after an independent examiner found £16,000 of unreceipted expenditure.

Bailey runs the charity My Generation.

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