Fine Gael…

Kenny talking tough during the 5 way leadership debate

…has chosen “Time for a Change” as its campaign slogan on its boards.  Their manifesto bears the slogan “Let’s get Ireland working”. A quick scan of the manifesto reveals some similarities to the Tories in the UK. For instance,

Devolving Power to Citizens: Government is too centralised and unaccountable. Fine Gael believes that there must also be a real shift in power from the State to the citizen

The manifesto also talks about “streamlining government and cutting quangos”. This is a pretty clear indication that FG will reduce the size of the state. I always worry when parties talk about “empowerment” because it’s usually a way of selling cuts. Big Soc, anyone?

Oddly enough, the manifesto also talks about “ending cronyism”. Fat chance. FG are just as bad as Fianna Fáil when it comes to doling out favours to family members and golfing buddies.

One thing is for sure, if Ireland elects FG as the main party in a coalition (they won’t form a majority government), then it’s more of the same with bells on top.

Change? No change here, guv.


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