Phibbs puts his foot in it

Harry Phibbs. What’s he like? It would seem that he has trouble with reading and comprehension.  An odd thing for a journalist as I’m sure you will agree. He put his foot in it yesterday when he left a comment on my blog about Hammersmith & Fulham Council selling off 8 community buildings.

Here’s his comment,

What I thought was interesting was what was supposed to be a protest against the sale of the buildings actually saw community groups pitching to buy them. They had a more constructive approach than the Marxist alternative comedian element shouting that I supported hanging Nelson Mandela – which is a complete lie.

It’s a crap effort at a smear. It’s like being mugged by a dead cat. Here is what I actually wrote,

Phibbs asks one woman from the Shepherds Bush Village Hall about timescales, there’s a brief exchange and then Phibbs says “this is not the ideal forum”. Er, come again? The audience are angry and upset at his shocking arrogance. Phibbs, you will recall, was once a leading member of the Federation of Conservative Students in the 1980′s. I make a not-so sotto voce comment about  ”Hang Mandela” T-Shirts.

Now where do I accuse Cllr Phibbs of “supporting the hanging of Nelson Mandela”? Furthermore, where do I even say anyone shouted anything? He mistakes the phase sotto voce for something else and for a journalist who is supposed to be educated, he comes across as remarkably thick. But then he writes for the Daily Mail, so maybe that’s his excuse. The Daily Mail, you will recall, published the infamous “Hurrah for the Blackshirts” headline in 1934. The readership has changed little in that time. Just have a look at some of the comments!

Here’s an image of the FCS poster, which also found its way on to T-shirts.

Now then, Phibbs may be able to claim that he “never supported the hanging of Nelson Mandela” but it is clear that the FCS, the student body that he belonged to, did. I remember this well because I was an undergraduate in the 1980’s. I also had a couple of encounters with this mob as well as the right-wing Marxist Revolutionary Communist Party (sic).

As for my “Marxism”, I don’t mind being called a Marxist anymore than I mind being called a socialist, a left-winger, a Situationist (I’d prefer that, please) or a cyclist. I wear all of those labels well. Maybe Phibbs thinks that by using the phrase “Marxist alternative comedian element”, I’m going to deny it or retreat. I have no intention of doing either.

Perhaps Cllr Phibbs could tell us why he felt the need to misrepresent my words in the way that he did. Oh, sorry, that’s what you people at the Mail do all the time. How silly of me!

I will leave by saying this: if you read something, make sure you understand what it is you’ve just read. Otherwise you end up looking like a complete prat. Just like Harry Phibbs.



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4 responses to “Phibbs puts his foot in it

    • It’s speculative. I said “I’m willing to bet”. That isn’t the same thing as saying “Harry Phibbs wanted to kill Nelson Mandela”. Is it? You’re supposed to be journalist. I take it you understand English grammar?

      Perhaps you could tell me, in your own words, why the FCS was wound up by Norman Tebbit?

  1. So you were one of the libertarian lot? Yes? No?

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