Press TV, the BBC and the selective reporting of the facts

Yesterday, BBC London News ran with a story about Ken Livingstone working for Iranian-backed Press TV. As I have previously reported in this blog, Ken is not the only British politician or journalist to have worked for Press TV. Andrew Gilligan worked for them as recently as May 2010 and Nick Ferrari also once worked for them. Derek Conway, the former disgraced Tory MP is currently employed by Press TV. Here he is presenting Epilogue, a book review programme.

But the BBC have been selective with the facts: they claimed “some other politicians and journalists worked for Press TV” but they failed to tell us who those politicians and journalists were. Why?

Today, the Hon Tobes screams “Ken Livingstone takes shilling of Holocaust denier”. I think Young needs to check his facts and do some proper research before trying to make political capital out of this. But then Young isn’t much bothered by such things as facts. I also think the BBC has been utterly irresponsible for airing this report without telling us who else works for Press TV.

I really hope Ken wins the mayoral elections just to wind up Hon Tobes. Of course that won’t stop Andrew Gilligan churning out smear stories and sexing things up.

Of course those who defend the BBC’s and Young’s selective argument, will claim that “well, is Conway or Gilligan seeking to become London mayor” -which actually isn’t the issue. Gilligan uses his position as a Telegraph journalist to attack Muslims and smear Livingstone. That, my friends, is gold-plated, 24 carat hypocrisy.

You can watch the BBC London report here in BBC iPlayer.  Notice how Greg Hands, the MP for Chelsea and Fulham uses the opportunity to make political capital.  He didn’t bother to check his facts either.


Added sentences about hypocrisy


Added the word “former” to preface “Tory MP”. Added link for Greg Hands and reversed Fulham and Chelsea.


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