Life On Gilligan’s Island (Part 25) or Stones and Glasshouses

Not long after I posted my last blog, this one appeared from Gilly.

One Labour-supporting blogger – who knows a thing or two about propaganda – has deployed the killer argument that the great man’s decision is less bad because… err… I work for Press TV.

There are, alas, some problems with this line of reasoning:

1. I am not a candidate for public office.

2. This may be the first time in history that one of Ken Livingstone’s groupies has cited me as a moral arbiter.

3. I do not work for Press TV. I gave up (apart from two one-off shows last May)  thirteen months ago – not all that long, indeed, after Ken started.  It began as a perfectly reasonable operation – and to the end, my show was always allowed to host anti-regime voices – but the channel as a whole increasingly became a government mouthpiece. Not that this has cut any ice with Ken…

Let’s take it from the top: the blogger that Gilly refers to is Adam Bienkov. Beinkov is not a Labour supporter but in Gilly’s binary world, anyone who doesn’t declare themselves as a Tory supporter is automatically assumed to be a Labour supporter. Oh, if only life were as simple and as straightforward as Gilly paints it.

Then he resorts to the classic defence of “I am not a candidate for public office”. No, you aren’t but you worked for a channel that is owned by the Iranian state; an Islamic fundamentalist state, while – at the same time – attacking Muslims, most of whom you describe as “extremists”. In fact, anyone who shows the slightest degree of tolerance or compassion towards Muslims is, in the eyes of Gilly, guilty of being “linked to Muslim extremists”. This is the typical ploy of the yellow journalist and the propagandist: smear your opponent.

He gets sanctimonious

Unlike me, Ken refuses to give up his show.

Er, which is why you left, then went back and did “a couple of shows”? How about a little honesty?

I think Ken has a shown a degree of naiveté by working for Press TV. But then, Gilligan is in no position to chuck stones when he’s living in a glass house.



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2 responses to “Life On Gilligan’s Island (Part 25) or Stones and Glasshouses

  1. I couldn’t believe this when I read it, you really couldn’t make it up! Just when you think Gilligan can’ t possibly sink any lower, when it looks like he’s already reached absolute zero, he defies all logic in an act of jaw-dropping hypocrisy.

    As ever, well done for continuing to expose Kennite’s shocking contributions to journalism. Though it has to be said, in all honesty, he’s getting so bad so often, the only problem you’ll have is finding time to write about his many, many grievous shortcomings!

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