Council gardener threatened with eviction from his home

I’ve just been looking at the boards on Urban75 when I stumbled across this story from 20 December.

GMB member Jackie Whitcomb, his wife Catherine and their student son Terry have been issued with a ‘Notice to Quit’ by Hammersmith & Fulham Council and told to get out of their home on Paddenswick Road by the 3rd January 2011. Mr Whitcomb began employment with the council in 1972 when he was 15 and today (Monday 20th December) is his birthday.

It appears Hammersmith and Fulham council who once employed Mr Whitcomb directly, is demanding that he and his family vacate their home over the Christmas-New Year period. The Notice to Quit (NTQ) is the second stage in the eviction process.

Mr Whitcomb’s family home has been a part of his earnings package under a Service Tenancy Agreement’ since 1978. The council outsourced the grounds maintenance contract in 2009 after the Tories took over the Council. Mr Whitcomb was transferred to private contractor Quadrant Services and as with the terms of the TUPE legislation his home remained part of his employment contract.

The GMB union are to challenge the council’s decision.

I will post more on this story once I have more details.


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