Toby Young attacks UK Uncut

Toby Young hates protesters. Especially if those protesters contradict his romanticized view of classical liberalism. At Nowhere Towers we believe he’s a right-whinging libertarian gobshite.  He doesn’t stop but, more importantly, his thinking is wobbly. The Hon Tobes declares that “UK Uncut hurts ordinary shoppers, not rich corporations”. In this blog, as in some many of his blogs, he misses the point by a country mile.  Today Hon Tobes has taken it upon himself to act as the Xmas shopper’s champion while acting as a shill for consumerism

Has there ever been a more ham-fisted protest movement than UK Uncut? The express purpose of this organisation is to force rich individuals and corporations to pay more tax. Whatever the merits of the case – and, obviously, I think taxes should be lowered for everybody, not raised for anyone – it’s hard to see how interfering with ordinary shoppers is going to advance the movement’s cause. UK Uncut’s method of protest is to stage sit-ins inside shops like Vodafone and Top Shop, making it harder to shop there, and today has been earmarked a “Pay Day”, with flash mobs appearing in shopping centres and on busy high streets up and down the country.

That’s the whole point, you fucking dimwit. And you went to Oxford? It isn’t actually clear whether or not he defends the right of Sir Philip Green to avoid tax by putting his company in his Monaco-residing wife’s name. This is the blog of a middle-aged, middle class bloke who, if he wasn’t writing for the Torygraph, would be writing to his local paper every week about those horrid ‘migrants’ and ‘asylum seekers’. He whines,

What makes the movement so objectionable is that the main victims of this form of protest are the people trying to buy Christmas presents for their loved ones, not the corporations that own these shops

What makes Young’s blog so objectionable is the wilful ignorance that he lays on by the bucketload,

Even if this method of protest was successful and Vodafone and Top Shop ended up paying more tax, it wouldn’t be ordinary people that would benefit. On the contrary, the higher taxes would immediately be passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices. How, precisely, is that going to help “the poorest and most vulnerable”?

I don’t think I buy that argument. It looks like a poorly-reasoned apology. This isn’t a day out to Clacton, Tobes, this protest is to raise awareness of  the extent to which major British companies avoid paying tax.  Tobes has fallen back on the tactic of the cheap emotional blackmailer. “If you don’t behave and be a good consumer, the prices will go up”!

The final paragraph is vintage Tobes,

If the organisers of the UK Uncut movement really want to help the most needy at this time of year, why don’t they patrol the streets of their home towns giving food and blankets to the homeless? That way, the rest of us can get on with our Christmas shopping without being screamed at by a bunch of red-faced students.

In this paragraph he assumes that the UK Uncut protesters are all students. They aren’t, but Tobes doesn’t bother to do his homework. As far as he is concerned all protesters are ungrateful, selfish, misguided student lefties who don’t wash, smoke loads of pot and sit around all day watching Jeremy Kyle when they aren’t rampaging through the streets and making shoppers aware of hypocrisy of the government’s ‘Efficiency Czar’.  Who, incidentally, while advising the government on reducing waste, avoids paying tax  in this country because of a convenient loophole (the same ones that are used by the 22 millionaires in this government).

Reading the blog I get the feeling that he tried to get into his local Vodaphone shop but couldn’t because of the protesters. There seems to be no other reason for it.

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