Life on Gilligan’s Island (Part 22)

In yesterday’s slice of Islamophobia, Gilligan crows, “Great news: Islamists lose their parliamentary foothold”. He writes,

Two weeks ago I reported how Islamists had established a bridgehead in Parliament. A group called Engage (or iEngage) got itself appointed as the secretariat of a new all-party parliamentary group on Islamophobia. Islamophobia is rapidly emerging as the Islamists’ favoured new front – they have taken to conflating themselves with the entire Muslim community and damning any attacks on their tiny minority reading of Islam as an “Islamophobic” assault on the whole faith.

Note the way Gilly uses words like “bridgehead” and “foothold”. In this paragraph, he also brushes aside any suggestion that Islamophobia exists. Instead, he claims that it’s used as a tactic by ‘Islamists’ to wage a propaganda war. The only propagandist operating here is the obsessive Gilligoon.

Engage is at the heart of this process, an organisation which specialises in defending fundamentalist bodies such as the East London Mosque and the Islamic Forum of Europe and attacking all criticism of them as “Islamophobic.”

Yes and the Telegraph and Gilligan are at the heart of the Islamist scare story process.

It attacked the BBC’s recent Panorama documentary on racist Muslim schools – showing that some children are being taught anti-Semitism and Sharia punishments – as a “witch-hunt.”

Well, surely that is allowed and besides, what I saw of the programme indicated to me that these schools were the exception rather than the norm – even though the reportage was highly sensationalistic. Oddly enough,  have you noticed how upset Gilligoon gets when programmes contradict his line of reasoning? He absolutely hates it.

He writes,

Today, I am delighted to say, Engage has been dropped as the secretariat to the all-party group. I understand that a number of parliamentarians on the group threatened to resign once they were made aware of its true views and links. Congratulations to the Harry’s Place blog, Conservative Home and the former MP Paul Goodman for drawing attention to the issue, and keeping up the pressure.

Nothing like intense lobbying by special interest groups, eh?  we know about the fraternal links between Gilly and Harry’s Place. Both share a rabid obsession with Otherness.

Looking at the comments, I noticed how one commenter was “edited by the author”.

In Engage’s favour it could be said that any criticism of Islamism is used by the actually Islamophobic to launch attacks on the whole of Islam. The comments on Andrew’s blogs are indicative of that. 

To this end it is important that any criticism of Islamism is clearly labelled as such to shut down both Islamist Extremists like Engage and Islamophobic Extremists as well. Shut them down, marginalise them, expel them from decent society.(Edited by author 17 hours ago)

Yet comments like this one go unmoderated. This one is from blacksticks and expresses the hatred that many of these people have towards those who are different,

It started with Heath and the shutting out of Enoch Powell.
And yet even the liberals nowadays agree (if only amongst their most trusted other/s) that Enoch was right.

The full docu here, in three parts.………

When will Tories admit that Enoch was right? – Telegraph7 Nov 2007 … Just as we thought we had grown up on the issue of immigration, the Conservative Party proves the contrary is true, writes Simon Heffer.

Enoch “was right”, eh? The last time I heard someone say that, they were carrying a Union Jack and calling for all blacks and Asians to be forcibly repatriated.

Silly Gilly may tell us that he isn’t a racist but in this case we can only judge a man by the company he keeps.

I wonder if he saw this story about how a fourth person had been arrested in connection to an attack on a mosque in Kingston? Probably not, he’s too busy whipping up hatred and fear and pandering to the racists who see him as a ‘hero’.


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