Young may be offered another venue for his ‘free school’


I don't want my children to mix with those chavs!

I spotted this on H&F Con Watch last night. Apparently H&F council is not going to hand over the keys to Palingswick House to the Honourable Tobes, he may get a Askham Family Centre on Askham Road, W12 as a consolation prize instead.

The centre’s services include overnight respite for families with severely disabled children and assessments for families with serious behavioural problems. This would be sacrificed for an unwanted ideological free school experiment, half of whose pupils will come from outside the borough.

Well, they’re poor people who rely on public services which is something that this council is keen to put a stop to as it welcomes the arrival of more mega-riche into the borough.

You can read Cllr Steven Cowan’s blog here. The BBC has a report here.

Hammersmith and Fulham council is also supporting plans for two other free schools which have been provisionally approved by the government.

Toby Young told the BBC he could not comment directly on the Pallingswick House property, except to say that his group was looking at a number of sites.

The school will be a “four-form entry”, with 120 children a year

He said the group hoped to allow parents to apply formally for the school from next week – without telling them where the school would be. Applications would close at the end of January.

Further down the article,

Mr Young said from the expressions of interest so far, the school looked to have broad appeal.

He has been stung by suggestions it will cater just for the middle classes.

“What we are offering has a broad appeal in the local area. By no means are all the parents middle-class – a cross-section of people are applying,” he said.

Hmmm, I wouldn’t mind betting that he’s bullshitting here.  When he says “By no means are all the parents middle-class” I wouldn’t mind betting that some of them are petites aristocrates.

According to Hammersmith Today, the council is “actively helping Young to find a site”.

Leader of the Council, Cllr Stephen Greenhalgh says: “We will do everything we can to support parents wanting to set up free schools. The West London Free School would be very welcome in H&F.

” It will extend the choices open to local families, help us cater for the growing local population and support our aspiration to encourage more families to choose local state schools rather than going private.”

Which probably means the the existing local state schools will end up suffering as a result.


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