Is Julian Assange being smeared?

You have to admit, it is rather convenient that Julian Assange was accused of rape after the release of Wikileaks first tranche of classified material. In comedy, timing is everything and the timing of this curious allegation is interesting.  Suspicious, in fact. The way in which these allegations have appeared reminds me of the many smear campaigns in history that were instigated by nation-states or powerful persons (William Randolph Hearst, for example) because they didn’t like what they’d heard. The truth hurts.

There’s certainly a whiff of COINTELPRO about this. It’s their modus operandi.  Here is a trailer for a documentary called COINTELPRO 101

Political Film Blog has a review here.

To be perfectly honest, the latest batch of leaked documents doesn’t surprise me at all. But the way in which governments have reacted to these leaked documents has revealed them all to be pathological liars.  They even try using emotional blackmail by saying “These leaks will put lives at risk”. How did they arrive at that conclusion? What is the evidence for such an assertion?

None that I can see.

UPDATE 7/12/10: Julian Assange appeared before Westminster Magistrates Court and was refused bail. It is transparently obvious that this is a stitch up.


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