Life On Gilligan’s Island (Part 18)

It had to happen. A war of words has broken out between Gilligan and Mehdi Hasan. Kennite accuses Hasan of “making up a quote”.  The whole case rests on the fact that Hasan has used the present tense rather than the past tense. As I’ve reported in a previous blog, Gilligan used to work for Iranian state-owned news channel Press TV.  It  seems that our Gilly is a wee bit rattled.

I did present a regular discussion show on the station, in which Islamism, and the policies of the Iranian government, were often debated and challenged. But I stopped last December, in part for precisely the reason Mr Hasan says…

So he quit Press TV because he says “taking the Iranian shilling was inconsistent with my opposition to Islamism“.  To which he adds, “I have not worked for Press TV since.”. Oh? Then he says, “The only exception is two one-off shows I presented for them in the week of the general election in May, more than six months ago”. Hang on, either he worked for Press TV after he quit or he didn’t. Which one is it?  Will he work for Press TV again? Who knows?  Some consistency would be nice.

Kennite says,

Mr Hasan also includes a number of other claims – that I am a “propagandist” for instance – which are untrue and for which I have successfully taken legal action against one of my other critics.

I have to say – and this is based purely on the evidence of his blogs for the Telegraph – that I agree with Mr Hasan.  Hmmm, so he’s ” successfully taken legal action against one of his critics”. Well, bully for you. I’ve seen decent investigative journalism and your stuff is sloppy.

On this occasion it is entirely possible that poor old Kennite has walked into a dirty great big bear trap. Watch this space!


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3 responses to “Life On Gilligan’s Island (Part 18)

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  3. Reed Howe

    If Lutfur Rahman is a Muslim, then he does not believe in a secular Britain. As Mehdi Hassan is a Muslim, I would not expect him to reveal this truth in an interview with another Muslim for consumption by non-Muslims

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