Free school for Palingswick House?

Palingswick House.

The Shepherds Bush blog has heard rumours  that the Honourable Tobes’s free school could occupy Palingswick House on King Street in Hammersmith.  I thought Tobes had found some premises in Acton.  Palingswick House is currently home to a number of charities but the council has plans to evict them. The rumour is given some added weight by this statement on the West London Free School blog,

We’ve extended our site search to Hounslow, Brent and Hammersmith and Fulham and are zeroing in on some very promising prospects. Those of you who live in Ealing shouldn’t be disheartened by this since we’ve been granted permission by the Department for Education to admit most of the pupils via a lottery.

The choice of Palingswick House would be an interesting one. The building is next door to the independent Latymer Upper School. I have heard that they could be involved in some sort of partnership. Very exclusive. More 4x4s clogging up that end of King Street on weekday mornings. Just what we needed.



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