Life on Gilligan’s Island (part 14)

Curry Bazaar on Brick Lane

I find it odd, if not puzzling, that a man like Andrew Gilligan is allowed pursue his very personal obsessions in public without rebuke from his employers. I have mentioned in this blog how The Daily Telegraph allows him to attract racist and Islamophobic comments to his blog without giving so much as giving him a proper slap on the wrists.

Today’s blog ploughs the same tedious furrow as so many others. The headline is “Lutfur Rahman: Ken Livingstone says bring him back to Labour”. I don’t know where our hotshot journalist has been for the last month but I reported on Ken’s appeal to Labour  to bring back Rahman to the party on 19 October. Not only is Kennite a yellow journalist, he’s a lazy journalist.

Here he smears Ken,

Now Ken – the single most important supporter of radical Islam in British politics – has pushed home his advantage. According to the Labour Uncut website, he has met Mr Miliband to press for Rahman’s early readmission to the party – and will propose a motion to that effect at the party’s National Executive Committee, of which he is a member, on 30 November. Team Miliband has apparently given the plea a sympathetic hearing.

I would challenge Kennite to produce some evidence for his assertion that Ken is “the single most important supporter of radical Islam in British politics”. But I could be waiting a very long time because it’s notoriously difficult to prove that  a lie is correct.

He’s produced a list of 11 ‘facts’. This one is particularly bizarre and appears to have been concocted in Kennite’s swamp-like brain,

6. proposed to “Islamically brand” the multicultural Brick Lane with “hijab arches.”

He links to a Guardian article from someone called Audrey Gillan, who was an embedded journo with the troops during the Iraq invasion. But reading the article it all appears to be based on hearsay. Of course what Kennite of Gillan fail to recognize is the fact that Brick Lane is a predominantly Bangladeshi area.  The area around Brick lane is called “Bangla Town”. I guess he’s sort of overlooked that. But that’s Kennite. He never lets the facts get in the way of a good story.

A good story would be one about the housing crisis in London. But Kennite wouldn’t touch a proper  story like that unless he could squeeze in some Islamophobic sentiments along with some anti-Ken smears.

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