He’s back!

So Nigel Farage has been returned as leader of UKIP. It was a foregone conclusion. When Farage resigned the leadership of the party, I knew that it would be temporary. He’s done an Alex Salmond: resigned, left the party in the hands of a poorly-qualified caretaker and returned triumphant.

The question is, why did he resign in the first place? Well, apparently he simply had to contest John Bercow’s Buckingham seat. It was a serious miscalculation on his part: no sitting Speaker has ever been ousted and political parties generally do not stand candidates against the Speaker. But Farage did. He thought he was different. He thought he could win. But he lost and crashed his light aircraft in a field near the M40.

He needn’t have bothered to resign in the first place. It was just a stunt, like David Davis’s sudden ‘resignation’ of the Tory whip. Where is Davis now? Back on the Tory benches.

UKIP may have won 3.2% of the vote at the last election but that doesn’t mean that the party is going anywhere. The party hasn’t changed much either. A lesbian UKIP MEP tells how the party has discriminated against her. This begs the question, why did she join such a party in the first place?

Nikki Sinclaire was elected as a UKIP MEP last year but fell out with the party in January when she refused to sit with its EFD allies in the European Parliament.

She said that some EFD members had “extremist views” and that her relationship with the then party leader, Nigel Farage, had broken down.

Ms Sinclaire became an independent after the party told her she could not stand for re-election under its banner.

She is now taking UKIP to the High Court for withdrawing the whip from her and preventing her from from standing as the MP for Meriden, which she claims was motivated by sexual orientation discrimination.

UKIP: the reactionary’s friend.

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