Gideon Osborne: tax dodger

The Hon Gid has told us how is going to close tax loopholes for those who routinely avoid paying their taxes.

Well imagine my surprise when I discovered not only do some ministers like Andrew Mitchell find ways to avoid paying tax but our own dear Chancellor avoids it too. To tell you the truth I wasn’t surprised at all, I was being sarcastic.

On Channel 4’s Dispatches programme on 18 Oct, Anthony Barnett exposed the cabinet members who avoid paying tax in this country. He also revealed that Lord Ashcroft is still a non-dom who pays no taxes.  You can watch the programme here. For some reason Virgin Media (now owned by Murdoch) failed to put the programme on their “On demand” service. One can only surmise the reason for this.

This Guardian article tells us that one of the reasons for Greece’s sovereign debt crisis was tax avoidance and evasion. The government is to pursue wealthy tax dodgers,

Last month more than 1 million Greek tax dodgers were offered the prospect of an amnesty for violations amounting to more than €30bn (£26bn). The government expects to raise about €500m by offering a summary settlement of unaudited filings and arrears going back 10 years.

The Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou has said,

“We have opened bank accounts in Liechtenstein and plan to open others in Switzerland and the City of London,” Kapeleris said. “We have discovered deposits that make the mind boggle, huge amounts that simply do not correspond to professed professional activity.”

Somehow you can’t see that happening here. Offshore tax havens like the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are favourite places for British tax-dodgers to deposit their geld. In fact, Britain invented the tax haven. I found this website which claims to advise people on where to put their money in order to avoid paying taxes.

This guide provides a fascinating insight into the glamorous world of tax havens. The latest edition has just been published (July 2010) and is completely up to date.

The first half contains indispensable information on 25 of the world’s best tax havens – from the exotic Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands and Monaco, to less well-known but highly attractive tax havens like Cyprus, Malta and the Isle of Man.

“Glamour”. So that’s what this is all about.


I forgot to include this link from 38 Degrees. Tell Osborne to pay up!



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