Life on Gilligan’s Island (Part 13)

Yesterday I reported how Kennite was still flogging the same dead horse a week after the ballots closed in Tower Hamlets. Today, he tells us that “Ofcom has rejected all the IFE’s complaints” about his shoddy Dispatches programme earlier in the year. Today’s blog is a combination of self-congratulation and bitchy comment. In this blog, he tells us that he has been “long listed” for the Paul Foot Award for investigative journalism. Let’s hope he doesn’t make into the shortlist. If he does, Paul Foot will be spinning in his grave.

It isn’t so much the complaint to Ofcom or even Gilligan’s slipshod journalism that is the issue today; it’s the fact that he attracts so many racists, Islamophobes and assorted EDL types that is the issue. What is more disturbing is the fact that Gilligan seems to be encouraging racist and Islamophobic remarks on his blog.  Take this one,

Don’t Ofcom know the rules, when minorities complain, their complaints are supposed to be upheld furthering the destruction of the West using a Guilt complex to supress our natural tendancy to protect our lands.
All this tinkering, social engineering going against nature by the Govt is not going to end well for someone.

Note the generalization of minority groups here. The commenter is quite clearly a racist. A commenter called “incensed” says,

Wake up and smell the hookah pipes people.

He also provides a link to a dodgy video that looks as though it was shot by the BNP or the EDL.  It’s bad enough to have to put up with Kennite’s propaganda but when he allows propaganda from racist groups, questions need to be asked. I have edited “danoconnor’s” comment,

Political Correctness is Totalitarian Humanism.
The humanists love humanity so much that they don’t care what they have to do to individuals , cultures or societies, in order to advance this humanity.
The Left becomes evermore extreme over time in order to advance radical egalitarianism through the power of the state , to impose these ideas by force.
The Left perceive cultural conservatism to be their primary enemy.
The Left belíeve that WASP culture is repressive, totalitarian and barbaric.
Anything therefore which is not WASP, is good.

More racism. But it is the way in which the expression “WASP” is used. This acronym is in circulation in the US and stands for “White Anglo Saxon Protestant”. Of course the problem for those who use this term have failed to read and comprehend their history: the Anglo Saxons were conquered by the Normans in the invasion of 1066. The correct term would be “White Anglo Norman-Saxon” or something similar. I suspect, given the tone and the language of his comment, that “danoconnor” is a member of the EDL.

I will leave you with a final paragraph from Kennite’s blog,

Ofcom’s latest ruling comes two weeks after it rejected another complaint by the IFE activist, Abjol Miah, ruling that we had indeed presented good evidence that he was active in the IFE. Abjol is also one of a number of people who has lost (or withdrawn) complaints against me at the Press Complaints Commisson over this story.

Aye and the Press Complaints Commission is run entirely by the newspaper industry so it is hardly an impartial body. Gilligan is as bad as the racists he attracts to his blogs. In another age, Kennite would have been telling us how Jews were ‘taking over the country’. In fact substitute the word “Jew” or “Black” for the word “Muslim” and you’ll find that little has changed with regards to Otherness in this country.

Andrew Gilligan: working hard to keep racism alive in today’s Britain.

UPDATE: If ever there was any doubt about the level of cordiality between Kennite and the EDL, this link informs us how respected and admired Gilligan is. Gilligoon’s “Islamic republic” blog was posted on the site Casuals United,

I have deliberately broken the link because the EDL can easily use the link to find their way here and post their filth.

I’d like to hear Gilligan defend himself but I suspect he has neither the guts, the honesty nor the integrity to do so.


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