Murdoch tells Lord Snooty to “stay the course”

When Rupert Murdoch tells mainstream politicians to jump, they always ask “how high”? Today, the Old Bastard advises Cameron to “stay the course”. The Guardian (a paper now caught between a rock and a hard place after backing the Lib Dems) says,

Drawing a direct comparison between the government and Margaret Thatcher, Murdoch said: “Like the lady, the coalition must not be for turning.”

Delivering the first annual “Baroness Thatcher lecture” to a group of enthusiastic neoliberal apologists, he opened by lavishing praise on Thatcher,

This evening we have come here to celebrate a great leader who championed a profound idea. That idea was freedom. At home and abroad, she expanded the boundaries of freedom – and sculpted a legacy that spans generations and crosses party lines.

What “freedom” would that be, Old Bastard?

Today the ideals of individual freedom and responsibility find steadfast advocates in the Centre for Policy Studies. You were founded by the then-Mrs Thatcher and her loyal friend, Keith Joseph, back in the early 1970s.

When Keith Joseph began his work, he described it as an effort to convert the Tory party to economic liberty. Let me say: You have more missionary work ahead.

Their idea of freedom comes with a price tag that most of us cannot afford. The Old Bastard opines,

It was that appreciation of individual aptitude and ability that made her so intolerant of the strictures of socialism. How quickly too many people have forgotten that she has not only changed Britain, but, along with Ronald Reagan, changed the world, much, much for the better.

Funny, I don’t see that: I see a world where people are forced to work until they drop. I see the gap between rich and poor getting wider and I see the same old lies about freedom in your papers. Free trade is not free for those countries that have their industries ruined by cheap imports from the richer nations.

The Old Bastard tells us that,

President Lula of Brazil may have started life as a socialist, but now he is a Thatcherite. Without pride, people will not prosper. And without a bigger cake, the portions will get smaller, and the vulnerable will suffer most.

Funny how they like to come out with stuff like this. The vulnerable are already suffering yet Murdoch and his cronies can only see things from the perspective of extreme wealth. They talk about ‘wealth creation’ as though their steadfast adherence to neoliberal economic policies will genuinely result in ‘wealth’ trickling down to those below. You’ve tried this stuff for 30 years and it still doesn’t work. Time to give it up.

Murdoch’s lecture is a timely reminder of who really pulls our politicians strings.


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