Hicks and Gillett: a pair of muppets

Hicks and Gillette?

I have been a Liverpool supporter for a very long time. I remember the Shankly years well. To say that I am disappointed with what is happening at my beloved club is an understatement.  The Reds’ current form on and off the pitch has been an embarrassment to put it mildly. Worst of all has been the shameful ownership of the club by Tom Hicks and George Gillett: a real pair of muppets. Hicks and Gillett have used the club to service their debts…their debts! These men are parasites who believe they can create wealth from debt – what a perversion!

The last 48 hours have been a soap opera. Yesterday, the High Court ruled in favour of Liverpool’s sale to New England Sports Ventures (NESV), the owners of the Boston Red Sox (what is it with our club and baseball teams?). Then Hicks tried to block the sale of the club to NESV by seeking a Temporary Restraining Order against the sale at the eleventh hour from a Texas judge . Why can’t Statler and Waldorf let go? Every single supporter wants them out but they won’t budge and then, the High Court ruled against their TRO. The Liverpool Echo says,

This morning solicitors for the Reds were hoping to have the matter listed in the High Court in London “as a matter of urgency” to obtain an injunction overturning the lawsuit.

And the ECHO understands to completely veto the move they must ask for  a similar hearing at a court in America. Once that happens Liverpool can be sold to NESV for £300m.

The BBC says,

On Thursday, Mr Justice Floyd again came down in favour of the club by granting an anti-suit injunction and criticising Hicks and Gillett’s conduct, calling it “unconscionable” and adding that “this case has no real connection to Texas.”

Yet even despite the second judgement of the High Court, the much-criticised owners requested a further hearing in Texas on Thursday.

Mr Justice Floyd has given Hicks and Gillett until 1600 BST on Friday to withdraw their legal action in America, or face charges of contempt of court.

So why did Hicks and Gillett pin their hopes on a Texas judge granting them a TRO when the club that they own is in another country – namely, England? Was it arrogance? Maybe they have no sense of geography? What?

Hicks and Gillett, GO NOW and take your crappy attitude to business with you.

UPDATE: They’re gone but Hicks has said that he intends to sue us. Go on then, you muppet!



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