Life on Gilligan’s Island (Part 8)

You know, I’m absolutely convinced that Kennite (aka Andrew Gilligan) is a closet racist as well as a yellow journalist. I also noticed that he hasn’t bothered to instigate proceedings against Keith Vaz for allegedly’ slandering’ him. In Part 7 of this series, I’d reported that Vaz had claimed that Kennite had produced a doctored CV while applying to become an intern for him in 1987. At Nowhere Towers we are convinced that this is marks the beginning of Kennite’s anti-Labour vendetta: it is all based on a single rejection and Gilligan has behaved like a thwarted lover ever since.

Let me take you back to 2007, Socialist Unity reported that Kennite had been involved in a smear campaign against RESPECT member Kumar Marshid who was the then mayor’s senior advisor on regeneration,

Gilligan’s articles have often included misinformation, for example Gilligan’s claim on 1st November that usage of the bus service is falling, while it has in fact risen by two million.

In February Gilligan was wrapped over the knuckles by David Brown – Managing Director of Transport of London buses – after inaccurately minimising the savings that could be made by free bus travel for children: “It is unfortunate that Mr Gilligan chose not to check his facts first with Transport for London before going to print.”

And there’s more,

In June, Gilligan had a front page story in the Standard claiming that the bendy-buses had a poor accident record. This was very revealing of Gilligan’s method, because he misleadingly distorted statistics to make a political point. Bendy-buses operate on the busiest most congested streets in the Capital where the overall traffic accident rate is higher; but Gilligan compared their safety with conventional double-deckers across the whole of the London area, including residential and sub-urban areas with a much lower overall accident rate. So Gilligan was comparing apples with pears.

You may recall that the Emperor of London once claimed that bendy buses had been responsible for the deaths of many cyclists when, in fact, no bendy bus has ever killed a cyclist. The anti-bendy bus rhetoric formed only one of two ‘policies’ formulated by Boris Johnson during his election campaign. But with regards to original ideas, they don’t exist. He’s taken undue credit for Ken Livingstone’s ideas from the bike hire scheme to the appalling Cycle ‘Superhighway’. But Kennite doesn’t seem to bothered by his master’s penchant for plagiarization. Boris is a god.

Of course, Socialist Unity is one of those sites that Kennite loves to hate. But that doesn’t mean that the information contained on the site is wrong or even false. On the other hand, the blogs and articles produced by Kennite have a dubious veracity about them that makes them look like they are part of an ongoing vendetta and nothing like the truth should stand in the way of a good vendetta.

In a blog written on 3 August and titled Guardian falls for extremist lie , Kennite said this without a trace of irony,

One of the key techniques of extremists – of both the Islamic and the white Right – is to frighten and polarise their target audiences with exaggerated claims that they are widely disliked or are under attack. As well as helping recruitment, it furthers the extremists’ central lie that different races and faiths cannot coexist.

Ah, there’s nothing like the heady whiff of hypocrisy! Yet Kennite thinks that he isn’t frightening people or ‘polarising’ his target audiences. Such an acute lack of self-analysis is something that we have come to expect from the self-righteous. For Gilligan, every Muslim is a potential terrorist threat or a possible member of an ‘Muslim supremacist group’.

In this blog, Kennite tells us that,

Earlier this year Livingstone, a long-term ally of Islamic fundamentalism, joined George Galloway’s Respect party and the Islamic supremacist group, the Islamic Forum of Europe,

Hang on, Livingstone is a “long term ally of Islamic fundamentalism”? Where did he get that from? Does he have any evidence? Oddly enough, he doesn’t but that doesn’t stop the wee twister from putting the boot in,

Ken has been allowed to get away with lying about his opponents for too long, and it is richly satisfying to see him held to account. I strongly recommend taking legal action against liars, and have myself used the route to successfully shut up one of Ken’s little echoes in the blogosphere.

I also recommend taking legal action against liars and dissemblers because the sooner someone sues you for libel the better. Maybe we’ll finally get some much needed respite from your constant stream of smears.

In December 2007 Livingstone defended himself in The Guardian and pointed to a catalogue of  Gilligan’s  shoddy writing, but this is what caught my eye,

Immediately after Andrew Gilligan was forced to resign from the BBC the Spectator, whose editor was then Boris Johnson, organised a Save Andrew Gilligan dinner at Luigi’s. Boris Johnson then hired Andrew Gilligan to work on the Spectator.

One of the particular accusations made by Gilligan in his recent articles is that those in the black community, and others, who have criticised Boris Johnson’s now notorious remarks referring to black people as “picaninnies”, to Africans as having “water melon smiles” and so on, did so as a result of instructions by Lee Jasper – Gilligan approvingly quotes Boris Johnson as saying: “Attacks on me were a put up job.”

Remember how Emperor Boris referred to “picaninnies” with “watermelon smiles”? Funny how that got swept under the carpet and no mention of that gaffe from Gilligan. Boris can’t put a foot wrong.

I wonder why Kennite left the Iranian-owned Press TV? If any readers have any information regarding Gilligan’s sudden departure from the channel, please drop me a line.


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