The shadow cabinet: no change

As I look down the list of those MPs who have been elected to the shadow cabinet, I see no change in Labour’s direction. For those who had hoped that Labour would redsicover socialism or, at the very least, social democracy, well too bad. The party is full of Nu Labour types who aren’t that interested in socialism.

The Hon Tobes was quick to complain that it was “overwhelmingly white, privileged and male”. Which is rich coming from someone who supports a government that is overwhelmingly white, privileged and male.

So much for social diversity. What about ethnic diversity? Not a single Briton of African-Caribbean origin was elected and the UK’s black and minority ethnic population is represented by just one man, Sadiq Khan. No Welshmen in the Shadow Cabinet either.

A quick scan of the government front bench reveals similar statistics. Who are you trying to fool, Tobes? Hey, didn’t your father coin the word ‘meritocracy’?

One name that caught my eye was that of The Model: Caroline Flint. Snaggle toothed Flint is a ghastly woman, a ‘Blair Babe’; a true Nu Labour type. Given her penchant for posing for the camera, Nowhere Towers wonders what portfolio she’ll be given.  Shadow Home Secretary perhaps? That way, she’ll be able to face the Tory’s er, model, Theresa May.


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