Life on Gilligan’s Island (part 7)

I’ve just looked at Gilligan’s blogs for the last few days and they are, without exception, all about Luthfur Rahman. I found this one where Kennite announces that he has “more proof” of Rahman’s “links to fundamentalism” (sic). Looking through the blog it is easy to see that no links have been presented and the ‘evidence’ has been based entirely on his own bigoted sentiments.

Gilligan has no evidence to support his allegations that the IFE is either a “Muslim supremacist organisation” or an “Islamic fundamentalist” group. His case has rested entirely on his dodgy Dispatches programme. Gilligan has used this as his only means of supporting his constant claims of “Islamic fundamentalism”.

In this blog he manages to squeeze in a bit of anti-Ken bile,

Ken, of course, has been an ally of Islamic fundamentalism for far longer than Lutfur Rahman. His embrace of Yusuf al-Qaradawi, a man who has justified rape and suicide bombing, certainly made me, and quite a lot of swing voters, see him in a different light. And the Islamic Forum of Europe – the Muslim supremacists backing Lutfur – played, shall we say, an interesting part in collecting votes during his 2008 mayoral election campaign.

Kennite should remember one of the first rules of journalism is to check your facts.  Relying on  information from a single source is asking for trouble. But our Kennite seems to have forgotten that rule. No wonder he got bounced from the BBC.


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