Ken Livingstone is chosen as Labour’s mayoral candidate

It was pretty much a foregone conclusion that Ken Livingstone would be chosen as Labour’s mayoral candidate for the 2012 election.  He beat Oona King by 68.6% to her 31.4%. This news is likely to get Andrew Gilligan working overtime to secure a win for Emperor Boris by spending his time orchestrating smear campaigns against Livingstone.

Gilligan should bear this in mind: Johnson has not put forward a single original policy of his own; he has, instead, taken the credit for Ken’s policies. He also increased fares on public transport and, in spite of his promises, failed to abolish the western congestion charge zone.


Gilligan has already produced a hatchet-job. I suspect he had this one lying about on his hard drive for a while. Here is a sample of Gilligan’s ‘expert’ analysis,

Ken Livingstone’s victory in the race to be Labour’s London mayoral candidate is the best possible news for Boris Johnson and the Tories, but depressing for those of us who care about competitive politics.

I like Boris – but I wanted him to have to fight for re-election, to have to promise more than the minimum. Against Ken, the chances are that for all the sound and fury to come over the next eighteen months, Boris is reasonably assured of victory. Today, rather than the first Thursday in May 2012, will probably come to be seen as the day the mayoral election was decided.

Yes, we know how much Gilliagn likes Boris; he likes him so much that he’s rammed his head so far up Johnson’s backside that he can’t see anything else. But the announcement is the “best possible news for the Tories”?  I don’t think it is. I think Emperor Boris will lose the next election. As for “competitive” politics, Gilligan is clearly talking out of his arse here.

I expect to hear more drivel coming from Gillgan’s Island in the next couple of years.


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