Nick Clegg wants to set you free

Courtesy Daily Telegraph

Nick Clegg has just been addressing the Lib Dem conference in Liverpool. I’d like to say “Wow! What a performer! A master orator”. But no, he sounded more like a local bank manager in an am-dram production of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar (he plays Brutus). There was a lot of fine rhetoric about the devolution of power and er, freedom as well as a few jibes at Labour…only to be expected and of course no criticism of their coalition bedfellows. All’s fair in love and business – right?

Clegg talked about the Freedom Bill, yes, the Freedom Bill, if put into law will give people more er, ‘freedom’. So that means an end to ID cards – that’s good…okay, what’s next? Tighter controls on CCTV cameras. Can’t argue with that one. The bill is also designed to repeal ‘unnecessary’ laws. Yep, so far, so good.  Then there’s “cutting business and third sector regulations” or ‘red tape’. Hang on, which regulations are we talking about? Are we talking about regulations to make things safer and more inclusive? What?

Perhaps one of the comments on this site can enlighten us. Remember this is the bill where people were encouraged to send in their ideas to the government’s Your Freedom website (it wobbled and crashed within hours of opening).

It is no concern of government what agreement competent adults make between themselves.

On top of it being a private matter the minimum wage legislation makes it harder for many people to get jobs and less likely for many potential employers to offer jobs.

There would be many jobs created by scrapping the minimum wage and while these would be low paid they would be a stepping stone for many people and also get them off benefit and into a work pattern, which would lead to better employment and better wages.

Let’s hope the government don’t take comments like this seriously, though I have a feeling some members – the free-marketeers especially – will find this idea a rather tempting  one – along with scrapping the Equality and Human Rights Commission which many Tories so desperately crave.

Clegg also told his followers how the Lib Dems were “agents for change” and how the country would have a ‘choice’ in the way it voted in elections. That’s a choice between Coke and Pepsi by the way;  shite and faeces. FPTP or AV, hey, great menu, what’s for dessert?

I really resent politicians presuming that they can instruct anyone on the virtues of ‘freedom’. When they talk of freedom, they talk about their own sense of freedom; it is the wealthy telling us what freedom is and how it should be exercised. That isn’t freedom, it’s something else.

Nick Clegg understands the freedom that comes with being the son of a banker and as Deputy PM (it isn’t a real job) but he doesn’t understand what freedom means to others. It simply isn’t possible. One person’s idea of freedom may be another person’s idea of enslavement.

“Stick with us”! Clegg implored his audience. “Stick with us”!

No thanks.

Tell you what Nick, you talk about freedom all you like but don’t liberate me- I’ll take care of that myself.


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