London’s firefighters set to strike

I’ve  heard that London’s firefighters will face the sack if they don’t agree to changes in working patterns.  According to the New Statesman a ballot for strike action is underway.

The decision to ballot on industrial action short of a strike was taken after negotiations over changes to shift patterns broke down. The commissioner of London Fire Brigade, Ron Dobson, announced he would terminate existing contracts if they do not agree to the reorganisation within three months. “Unless the employer withdraws this threat,” Wrack says, “we will move on to a strike ballot very quickly. But disputes are really the last thing our members want, and we hope there will be a deal.”

There are stories of bullying and intimidation. Matt Wrack the general secretary of the Fire Brigades Union said,

“All local authority employers have these very nice-sounding policies about treating people with dignity and respect at work, but you don’t always get that when you’re a small workforce.”

At Nowhere Towers we wonder what the London’s Fire Commissioner is playing at. More importantly is this what the government means when it talks about the “Big Society”?

London’s firefighters have until 25 November to sign the new contracts.


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