Lib Dems: are the cracks finally beginning to show?

Yesterday as the Hon Gid announced welfare cuts, Lib Dem backbencher, Bob Russell laid into him. Russell accused Gid of blaming those on benefits for the state of the  economy.

On Monday, Lib Dem backbencher Bob Russell told Chancellor George Osborn in an exchange in the Commons it was unethical to blame benefit cheats for economic problems.

Russell had earlier tabled a question which forced Gid to come to the Commons to explain his  proposed changes to state benefits.

We have been saying for some time here at Nowhere Towers that this Tory-led government is using the unemployed as scapegoats for the economic mismanagement of the country’s finances. Apparently Gid conceded that tax avoidance loopholes needed to be closed but he was forced into that position by his opponents.


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