Life on Gilligan’s Island (Part 5) or Bigging up Emperor Boris

We all know how much Kennite (that’s Andrew Gilligan to you) loves Boris Johnson and how he hates the evil Ken Livingstone. Now that Emperor Boris has announced his intention to stand for a second term as London Mayor, Kennite is all over the story like a fly on a day-old dog turd.  He’s so excited!

But it’s his closing paragraph that makes me laugh,

Many of Boris’s enemies still show a fatal inability to take him seriously. They really should wise up, and soon.

Unlike you, Kennite, whom we never take seriously.

Kennite’s Ken-baiting went into overdrive in the last week. Take this blog for example.

Ken’s campaign offices are at the Euston HQ of the Transport Salaried Staffs Association (TSSA), the same union which will bring station staff, signallers and supervisors out on strike from 9pm tonight.

Yeah? So what? The rest of the blog is stuffed full of conjecture and fabrication. The reasons behind this blog appear to be 1. have a dig at Livingstone and 2. Have a go at the striking Tube workers. In the case of the latter, the side of the striking workers is never put across. Instead we are treated to the usual talking heads who moan about how the strike will ‘damage’ the economy.  According to these people, no one should ever go out on strike; they should be ‘grateful that they have jobs’ (sic).

Hannan goes on about how the Right are seen as “baddies” but he forgets how his party and the press that supports them, have demonized not only the working class but striking workers as well. Who are the real ‘baddies’ now?


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